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national doctors day celebration

National Doctor’s Day 2022, 1st July

The profession of doctor is the most important pillar of healthcare. To celebrate their devotion to help others and spend their lives for the people of the country, National Doctor’s Day is celebrated in India on July 1st.


This date is marked as both the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan C Roy. It serves as a reminder of the unique contribution made by this illustrious doctor, who helped millions of people, including Mahatma Gandhi, and treated thousands of patients.


It is a well-known fact that being a doctor is a tough job with flexible work hours. To honor these finest doctors, National Doctors Day was created.


After Covid, the respect for doctors and healthcare workers has increased in everyone’s heart. We want to show the same respect for our doctors who are associated with our organization, Cancer Rounds.


national doctors day


When we hear the word cancer, the first thing that comes into our mind is death or pain and we seek the doctors immediately for medical help and care.


Cancer is a disease characterized by the abnormal growth of cells. The causes may vary with respect to the tissue or organ which is affected. It can make the day-to-day life difficult for the patient. Most often, genetic mutation and chromosomal abnormalities lead to cancer cell production.


Cancer can hinder the normal chemical balance of the body and increase the risk of fetal complications. As the tumor grows, the problem becomes more severe and more difficult to handle. According to statistics, every year millions of people lose their battle against cancer.


Now the importance of cancer specialists or oncologists come into the picture. A doctor who focuses on identifying and treating cancer patients is known as an oncologist.


There are several types of oncologists such as:


oncologist doctors


1. Medical Oncologist 

Medical oncologists are the doctors who help their patients manage the side effects using different therapies like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Hormone therapy and other targeted treatments. They help the patients monitor the treatment and maintain well-being.


Some of our allied medical oncologists are Dr. Ankur Bahl (FMRI), Dr. Priya Tiwari (Artemis), Dr. Hari Goel (Artemis), Dr. Indoo (HCG Mumbai) etc.


2. Radiation Oncologists 

Radiation oncologists use high-energy proton beam to target and kill the cancer cells. More than 50% of the cancer treatments require radiation therapy which is found to be an effective to kill cancerous cells.


Our associated Radiation oncologists are Dr. Ashu Abhishek (FMRI), Dr. Tripti Saxena (Fortis Noida), Dr. Anusheel Munshi (Manipal) etc.


3. Hematologists 

Doctors who specialize in Blood cancer with other blood disorders such as thalassemia, Sickle cell anemia etc.


Some of the renowned hematologists associated with our organization are Dr. Rahul Bhargava (FMRI), Dr. Anupam (Fortis Noida), Dr. Intezaar (HCG Bangalore), Dr. Sachin Suresh Jadhav (HCG Bangalore) etc.


4. Surgical Oncologists 

Surgical oncologists tries to remove the cancerous cell mass or tumor using surgical interventions. At the early stage it is advised to go under surgery with other therapies to cure cancer.


Our affiliated surgical oncologists are Dr. Shubham Garg (Artemis), Dr. Jalaj Bakshi (Fortis Noida), Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Manipal), Dr. Shubam Jain (Manipal Hospital) etc.


Apart from them, the team of oncologists, there are many health care workers also who support patients during their course of treatment. They find great reward in helping their patients, continual exposure to suffering and death also put them at risk of job burnout.


On this incredibly special event of Doctor’s Day, we are proud to say that our associated doctors and Hospitals house some of the most talented medical professionals in the country. We consider it an honor to be their service provider because these specialists are completely capable of handling cancer treatments.

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July 1, 2022

Parameters To Be Considered Wisely Before Choosing Breast Cancer Treatment Oncologist

breast cancer treatment

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, each patient and his/her loved being need to approach the best oncologists for the best breast cancer treatment in India. In the process of choosing an oncologist’s team for treatment, to get the best care, need to consider certain parameters. The treating team for breast cancer treatment includes specialists such as a breast surgeon, a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, a plastic surgeon, and a genetic counselor.

The process of searching for doctors might seem overwhelming. But it needs research and in spite of feeling tempted to rush into decisions, so you can start treatment as soon as possible – the first and foremost need is to remain calm and approach the best cancer hospital with the best oncologists.

Now you must be worried that what you need to keep in mind you need to carefully select the doctors that are right for you and your patients.


Following parameters shall be wisely approached to consider when selecting each of the key members of the cancer treatment team:

1. Do oncologists and team members communicate well?

Communication is an essential part to be considered. As the treating oncologist explains things in a way you can understand, listens to you and/or the patient, and takes your concerns seriously. Remember the treating doctor should not act dismissive or threatened when you bring up treatment options you’ve researched or you mention the second opinion issues in your mind.

If possible, bring a loved being or your caretaker along to your appointments to help you form an understanding bond with to doctor. When you’re anxious or upset, it’s hard to catch and judge the interaction.


2. Do they have the experience and they are specialists in the field?

Make sure your oncologists have the right training, degrees, and experience. For example, choosing the best oncologist who specializes in breast cancer treatment rather than in treating several kinds of cancer- is a necessity to be considered. Also, see if a doctor is following advances and innovations in the stream. As if he can help you enroll in clinical trials and treatment approaches that are relevant to your situation.


3. Is their paramedical and office staff responsive?

Pay attention to whether the oncologist’s team and the doctor’s office staff are helpful, and return/answer your calls. If setting up appointments is too frustrating, that is not a green signal. However, try talking with your doctor about any problems and if still you don’t find a solution- then you may switch practices.


4. Could you follow up with them over the long term considering the distance from your living space and your economic status?

Your oncologists might be working with you extra particularly if you have metastatic breast cancer- an advanced-stage disease. This indicates that you are taking hormonal therapy on a long-term basis, or if you have an inherited gene mutation then in this case it’s best to choose the best oncologist who is going to be in practice for a long time and isn’t close to retiring. Also, the treating oncologists must not be in a far place and in a position to understand your economic status.


5. Do you want to keep looking for another doctor for a second opinion?

Ultimately, your goal should be to get the best care or provide the best care to your patient. Right from the beginning of your treatment don’t hesitate to get a second opinion if you’re lacking confidence in a particular doctor’s treatment recommendations, expertise, or communication skills. Asking for opinions from other doctors can also help and don’t hide it from your current doctor.

Opting for the best cancer treatment in India, the best oncologists, or the second opinion – please consider contacting Cancer Rounds.

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January 31, 2022

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