Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Specialist OR Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Specialist! – What to Consider Wisely Before Choosing BMT SPECIALIST?

In our bones, spongy tissue is presently termed bone marrow which is responsible for the formation of blood cells. Yes, all the blood cells are formed “hematopoietic stem cells” or simple “stem cells”. The special characteristics of the hematopoietic stem cell help them to renew themselves. Besides this, hematopoietic stem cells or stem cells in […]

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
January 25, 2022

Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer

As the name suggest Chemotherapy -chemo uses anti-cancer drugs. These drugs are injected into a vein or given by mouth. The chemo agents administered travel through the bloodstream to reach cancer cells in most parts of the body. Yes, in world of oncology chemotherapy is considered as conventional arm for treatment regimen. It is essential […]

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
January 24, 2022

Risk Factors Associated with Prostate Cancer

Among cancer diagnoses with the commonest male predilection after skin cancer is Prostate cancer. It is our privilege to mention here that prostate cancer can be treated successfully in maximum cases. Yes, in the case of diagnosis with prostate cancer knowing about risk factors, symptoms, is a necessity for early diagnosis and treatment with a […]

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
January 21, 2022

Suspected With Liver Cancer- What Signs And Symptoms Might Bother You?

Liver cancer is not an uncommon cancer that affects liver. It is a vital organ that filter impurities and produces bile. Liver cancer signs and symptoms in its early stages may be dismissible. But as the cancer stage advances the varied symptoms are presented that are different in each case. Primary liver cancer starts in […]

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
January 19, 2022

The Fourth Stanchion in The Treatment World of Cancer is Interventional Oncology- As Multidisciplinary Arm of Treatment

One of the recent evolving branches of interventional radiology, which relies on highly sophisticated treatment tools accompanied by precise imaging guidance to target and destroy malignant tumors are referred to as Interventional Oncology. The field of Interventional Oncology is an important pavement to potential benefits for both patients and the healthcare system. Being a new […]

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
January 18, 2022

First Month Of Year Reminds – What Can Be Done to Reduce Risk of Cervical Cancer?

      Cervical cancer affects the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus connecting to the vagina. A virus- namely Human Papillomavirus HPV, is a virus transmitted from one individual to another during sexual intercourse. HPV is the common cause of this cancer. Yes, recently Cervical Cancer treatment is generally planned […]

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
January 17, 2022

Asbestos Related Lung Cancer- A Complication to White Lung Disease

Lung cancer is growth of abnormal cells in the lungs uncontrollably, and is most common cancer in 2020 according to WHO World health Organisation. Multifactorial reason for lung cancer to occur can be divided as environmental factors and then some genetic factors as well. White lung remains an enigma as terminology and Oncologist, regularly deal […]

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
January 12, 2022

BRCA1 and BRCA2: Potential Hereditary Breast Cancer Genes

Yes, the most common cause of potential hereditary breast cancer is a mutation of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. It is observed that these mutations can be inherited copies of either gene from a parent, and the individual is in the zone of a higher risk for breast cancer. In the physiological process, the mentioned […]

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
January 11, 2022


In the world of cancer, hematologist, oncologists focus on ways to reduce inflammation. The key to the lock lies not in the treatment regimen, but in the optimal diet. Yes, the optimal diet for cancer patients and survivors is an anti-inflammatory diet. As it allows your body to fight off the inflammation that is able […]

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
January 10, 2022

Diet For Cancer patients

Diet for Cancer Patients    Cancer ranks amongst the leading causes of death worldwide. Researches suggest that practising lifestyle modifications such as maintaining a balanced and healthy diet for cancer patients could prevent 30-50% of all cancers.    Growing evidence suggests the role of diet for cancer patients in increasing or decreasing cancer risk. Proper […]

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
July 6, 2021

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