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The Fourth Stanchion in The Treatment World of Cancer is Interventional Oncology- As Multidisciplinary Arm of Treatment

Interventional Oncology

One of the recent evolving branches of interventional radiology, which relies on highly sophisticated treatment tools accompanied by precise imaging guidance to target and destroy malignant tumors are referred to as Interventional Oncology.

The field of Interventional Oncology is an important pavement to potential benefits for both patients and the healthcare system.

Being a new discipline multidisciplinary treatment arm, interventional oncology is considered by the best hematologist in India as the wider field of oncology. In the cancer hospital Gurgaon, all oncologists, and experts prefer, its application in regard to a cornerstone of modern cancer care.

Yes, interventional oncology offers strong collaboration between radiation oncology and interventional oncology, aiming at treatment or cure means treatment with remission or palliative cure.

A robust quality-assurance framework to support the integration of interventional oncology into multidisciplinary care provides benefits to health care practitioners, cancer patients, and to the wider field of oncology research as well. A recent offshoot of interventional radiology is interventional oncology has evolved as an independent stanchion within multidisciplinary oncologic care.

Intervention oncology is one of the minimally-invasive image-guided tumor therapy defined as comprehensive unlimited technological innovation. Best hematologist in India and best oncologist in Mumbai refer patients for Interventional oncology with the expectation that minimally-invasive therapies incorporated in oncologic care plans with sister disciplines will gratify a new level of clinical collaboration. This is predicted to research results of many years and is more based on prospectively collected clinical evidence. An Interventional Oncology -IO practice is preferred in treatment regimen by a young generation that includes procedures like minimally-invasive, image-guided tumor therapies.

Workbench for an interventional oncologist incorporates less un-common services for cancer patients including venous/enteral access, biopsies, and palliative procedures. Mentioned cancer care tool kit is representing the initial point of contact. Followed by therapeutic concepts and rapid solutions for increasingly complex Carcinogenesis with symptom relief as a common result. The satisfaction rate in terms of patient analysis and quality care index pick a spike with an excellent impression of referring physicians and treating oncologists.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death worldwide and at the same time, medicine as a whole is undergoing a phase of transformation in the light turning to the dark of declining reimbursements. Recent advances have provided interventional oncology as a different treatment and the unique position of the treatment world of oncology. Being a technology-driven specialty, it is able to fulfil the professional requirements for highly specialized experts who have the skill and the will to grow a practice.

Maintaining and expanding the fourth stanchion of clinical oncology requires steps above the technical skills learned in a fellowship. For these interventional oncologists are ready to speak the language of oncology, which ensures broadening knowledge of the science and practice of interventional oncology.

Interventional oncology as a separate branch to communicate in oncology streams as a multidisciplinary arm focuses on the fundamentals of the other oncologic disciplines to be widely accepted treatment in guidelines for various cancers as well.

Our obligation of clinical research and development by Interventional Oncology upholds the rigid standards of evidence-based medicine and is surely an evolving oncological solution. Tremendous progress has been made over the last decade, to which an example is a trial involving the ability to influence clinical guidelines in lieu of hepatocellular carcinoma. In these two therapies performed by interventional oncologists, ablation and chemoembolization, are incorporated into official treatment guidelines globally. And new norm for answering clinical questions based on prospective multicentre phase II or III studies, either single-arm or randomized is on rapid research events.

To conclude Interventional Oncology is an exciting area which is exploiting vascular and non vascular procedures similar to or identical to other procedures performed by Interventional Radiologists. This allows oncologists in making practice development feasible to use physician extenders to maximize efficiency in practice.

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January 18, 2022

First Month Of Year Reminds – What Can Be Done to Reduce Risk of Cervical Cancer?




Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer affects the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus connecting to the vagina. A virus- namely Human Papillomavirus HPV, is a virus transmitted from one individual to another during sexual intercourse. HPV is the common cause of this cancer. Yes, recently Cervical Cancer treatment is generally planned with strategy as treatable and curable. Yes Cervical cancer treatment is curable- if it is diagnosed when the cancer is in an early stage.
Our oncologist from Cancer hospital in Gurgaon recommends certain tips, that can help a female prevent cervical cancer: –

1. Quit Smoking and start anti-tobacco cessation therapy- As individuals who smoke are in a high-risk zone to get cervical cancer twice times. Quitting tobacco is the best way to avoid cervical cancer. This is because tobacco poses the intake of toxins either by smoking in the body that affect the DNA of the cervix. These harmful toxins contribute to the growth of cervical cancer and quitting tobacco usage will reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

2. Improving the Immunity of the body will help the host to fight against deadly diseases. Take steps to improve immunity by shifting to a healthy diet and quitting a lazy routine- one should exercise regularly. Yes, Leading a healthy lifestyle and doing meditation to manage stress properly assures one to go a long way in improving immunity against diseases like cancer.

3. HPV Vaccine- is among few vaccines that can protect young females against certain HPV-associated cervical cancer. This vaccine is available even for children as young as nine years old and is recommended to prevent the risk of cervical cancer. Even if you are vaccinated, you still need screening because no vaccine provides complete protection.

4. Screening for cervical cancer- is a key for early detection that can help in timely cervical cancer treatment and high treatment success rates or even remission. The leading cancer hospital in Gurgaon conducts such screening camps from time to time.

Multifactorial process is responsible for development of cervical cancer that includes:
1. Multiple sexual partners
2. Smoking
3. Poor immunity
4. Early sexual activities
5. Other sexually transmitted diseases.

Hope this article will initiate a rhythm of awareness to take all the required preventive measures for cervical cancer. The symptoms one must look for before consulting the doctor are heavy menstrual bleeding, un-explained or varied color vaginal discharge, bleeding after intercourse, and sexual intercourse accompanied with pain.
Once you suspect and consult the doctor following the experience of the above-mentioned symptoms- diagnostic work is done that includes: –

1. PAP Smear Test: in this test, the gynecologist takes cervical cell samples by the process of exfoliative cytology and the sample is sent to a laboratory for testing. The pathologist will examine the sample after stained with PAP stain under microscopy to detect cancerous cells. It is generally recommended that females above 25 years shall get a PAP screening test done in 3years until the 6th decade

2. HPV Test is referred to as a standalone test or a PAP test to predict the risk of developing cervical cancer. After every 3rd decade, the guidelines have recommended PAP and HPV tests once every six years.
We must mention here that in case the PAP smear or HPV test results turn out abnormal, you need to follow up with an oncologist.

Cervical cancer treatment: the best oncologists at the Cancer hospital in Gurgaon will provide the diagnosed patient with several treatment options. The assured treatment is dependent on the stage of cervical cancer, tumor size, age of the patient, health condition, economic status.

To conclude we must focus on fact that the prevention is better than cure – and above said few tips at home will prevent cervical cancer. Also, we want you to take the pledge in the month of January to spread the word of Cervical cancer awareness by opting for regular cancer screening. If at all you happen to be diagnosed with this cancer, you can get timely treatment and might get cured.

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January 17, 2022

Asbestos Related Lung Cancer- A Complication to White Lung Disease

lung cancer treatment

Lung cancer is growth of abnormal cells in the lungs uncontrollably, and is most common cancer in 2020 according to WHO World health Organisation.

Multifactorial reason for lung cancer to occur can be divided as environmental factors and then some genetic factors as well.

White lung remains an enigma as terminology and Oncologist, regularly deal with cancer of the lung, primarily caused by excessive occupational exposure to toxins like asbestos, chromium.

White lung and/ or Asbestosis, is a result of long-term exposure to asbestos fibres. White lung is strongly related to asbestos-related lung cancers. The heavy asbestos exposure trigger asbestosis and patients presents with symptoms like difficulty getting a full breath, dry cough, and loss of appetite with weight loss.

Cascade of symptoms occur as a result of fibrosis, or scarring, in the lungs as asbestos fibres, remain embedded in the lung tissue for decades. This situation worsens over time and becomes subsequent cause of mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer. It is pertanious here to mention that not every individual exposed to asbestos will develop lung cancer or other asbestos-related diseases. But the individual exposed to asbestos will develop a risk of illness and poses an increase relative to their level of exposure to asbestos.

Diagnostic work up proceeds to accomplish White Lung Diagnosis for designing best lung cancer treatment by oncologist.

Symptoms of white lung, in case are suspected in an individual with matching history then the doctor will take several steps to diagnose this condition. These steps include:
History of asbestos exposure
Listening to patient’s lungs
Conducting pulmonary function tests
Ordering a chest X-ray or CT scan

The Helsinki Criteria established in 1997 help doctors determine if asbestos is the cause of respiratory diseases.
Latency Period: lung cancer developed at least 10 years after the initial exposure to asbestos.

Evidence of Asbestos Exposure: mainly presents with a diagnosis of asbestosis, higher than normal asbestos fibres in the lung tissue. The exposure levels of airborne asbestos equal to or greater than 25 fibres per millilitre of air a year is numerical value to study asbestos fibres in lung tissue to be pathologic.

Treating White Lung/asbestosis we are focussed on dealing with symptoms. That surely indicates that treatment plan is to reduce symptoms and slowing down the progression of the disease. Because for cure a lung transplant is the only option.

Asbestosis Association to Asbestos Lung Cancer: as this diagnosis poses the patient in high-risk zone for developing asbestos-related cancers. Tumorigeneses takes several types of lung cancer and mesothelioma, a cancer of the pleura that lines the lungs to develop as patients are exposed to asbestos. All forms of lung cancer originate inside the lungs and it is the fact to terminology named here as Mesothelioma- that is also cancer- it develops in the tissue that lines the outside of the lungs, chest cavity and abdomen.

Asbestos exposure can cause both types of illness. But even in those cases who are not diagnosed with asbestosis / white lung, people with can develop same cancer. And the lung cancer associated with white lung should continue undergoing regular monitoring and screening for signs of cancer as per recommended guidelines. Yes, it is true white lung progresses far enough to lead to death.

Best lung cancer treatment for Asbestos-related lung cancers like Mesothelioma and Other pulmonary conditions linked to asbestos exposure include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy.

Posted by, Medical Team, Cancer Rounds
January 12, 2022

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