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Options to Preserve Fertility In Female Cancer Survivors

For cancer survivors to preserve fertility is the first physiological need these days. And fertility preservation thus is becoming increasingly significant to improve the quality of life in cancer survivors. The ability to have children is called fertility. Best hematologist in India and oncology team of the best cancer hospital in Gurgaon collectively advocate the recommended guidelines suggesting that discussion of fertility preservation should be done prior to starting cancer therapies. 

Globally there is a lack of implementation in this area but India is leading with the solution as the oncologist team has session of counselling for patient in lieu of cryopreservation and fertility preservation. 

To briefly introduce, with the research and innovations in the are there are number of techniques available for fertility preservation, and they can be used individually or together in the same patient to maximize efficiency.  

Adding to this, Oocyte and embryo cryopreservation are now established techniques. The cryopreservations have their limitations but every lock has key. Ovarian tissue cryopreservation is a wider clinical application with the advantage of keeping the fertility window open for a longer time. Both the conventional arms of treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have a major impact on reproductive potential. This is indicative of fertility preservation procedures – that should be carried out prior to these treatments.  

Cancer in females of reproductive age accounts for nearly 10% of new cancer diagnoses. Most common cancers presenting in this group of youth affecting female include breast, thyroid, cervical, uterine, melanoma, lymphoma, and colon cancer. Over the past four decades, advances in surgery and adjuvant therapy have led to improved 5-year survival rates for breast (85.5%), endometrial (91%), cervical (83.2%), and ovarian cancers (79.5%). These improved outcomes have resulted in an increased number of cancer survivors but many therapies are harmful to the ovaries and put women at risk of premature ovarian failure and infertility. This is significant as nearly 25% of today’s cancer survivors are reproductive-aged woman who may wish to have children. Embryo cryopreservation is a widely established method for preserving reproductive capacity and due to its high pregnancy rates, it is considered the “gold standard” fertility preservation option. This procedure is offering the best chances of a live birth in the future as well. This solution also works in cases of male, that means the male cancer patient may store his sperm before treatment. Doing this is a way of preserving fertility. 

But, in case you have undergone chemotherapy treatment then still no need to worry. After cancer treatment also, the ovarian tissue can be thawed and placed in the pelvis (transplanted). Once the transplanted tissue starts to function again, the eggs can be collected and attempts to fertilize them can be done in the lab. A man may have no sperm in his semen after cancer treatment. But he may still have healthy sperm in his testicles. During a testicular sperm extraction, the doctor removes small pieces of testicular tissue. Any healthy sperm cells found in this tissue can be used to make a baby. 

The need for fertility preservation has not yet weighed against morbidity and mortality associated with cancer. Thus, a multidisciplinary collaboration between oncologists and reproductive specialists to improve awareness and availability is a necessity. 

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February 2, 2022

Suspected for Diagnosis of Cancer – Identify The Symptoms Associated With It

Cancer is a most deadly and ironic diagnosis that is becoming one of the leading causes of increased mortality these days. Cancer can be successfully treated if it is identified at an early stage by symptoms of cancer and in certain cases can be cured.

The cancer treatment design also includes palliative care services to recover emotionally and this is of great help to cancer patients and survivors. The diagnostic workup done for early-stage diagnosis of suspected cancer cases include the screening steps and diagnosing the disease as early as possible is very important for a good prognosis.

Cancer can be identified by its symptoms at an early stage. There are many symptoms of cancer that are considered easily dismissible that can be caused by benign tumors, injury, illness, and other health issues.

The golden rule to raise an alarm concerning health is if a symptom is not getting better after a few days or weeks, then you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. This is the time to get diagnosed and treated timely if required.

The conventional treatment arms include cancer surgery, therapy, or any other treatment advised by the treating oncologist. Sometimes, you may not experience any kind of pain even if you have cancer as recommended by the clinical experience of the best oncologist in Gurgaon.

The idea is not to waste time waiting for symptoms to grow severe. Get in touch with a doctor at the earliest without underestimating the symptoms and don’t get afraid of the word cancer remember cancer is a group of diseases that is treatable.


1. Sudden Increase or Decrease in Body Weight – If you have increased or decreased your body weight but you do not know what the reason is, then you should consult your doctor and get diagnosed as soon as possible.

2. Lumps – Any unexplained lumps in your body could be a sign of cancer. A few body parts where you could find lumps are the groin area, testicles, stomach, underarms, or neck.

3. Swelling – If you are having any kind of swelling in any part of the body such as the groin, stomach, underarms, or neck, then get yourself checked by the doctor for cancer.

4. Changes in the Skin – says that it’s high time you get it checked by a doctor. Here are a few signs that you should look out for.

5. Yellow Skin & White in the Eyes – If you have yellow skin and white in the eyes, then you may have jaundice. Jaundice is one of the symptoms of cancer.

6. Non-Healing Soreness in your body – if it is not healing for a long time, then it might be a sign of cancer.

7. New Mole – If you recently have any new mole in your body or you can find any change in an already existing mole, then check yourself for the symptoms of cancer.

8. Bleeding – Bleeding or a Scaly Lump on the body, which is in flesh color and is bleeding or turning scaly, could be a symptom of cancer.

9. Neurological issues – Problems in Neurological Systems like face drooping, changes in hearing, changes in vision or eyesight, seizures, or headache, all these neurological symptoms could be a sign of cancer.

10. Changes of Mouth – Changes in the mouth such as numbness, pain, or bleeding in the mouth or lip, Red or white Patch in the mouth or on the tongue, Blood in saliva, and Night Sweating can be signs of underlying cancer.

11. Changes in Bowel habits – Abnormal bowel movements for a long time, it’s a cancer symptom that you need to watch out for. Pencil-thin stool or bloody stools are also cancer symptoms related to colon cancer.

12. Changes in the Bladder – It could be related to bladder cancer or pelvic tumor. These symptoms include blood in urine, pain while urinating, slow flow of urine, high-frequency urination, irritation, and a small amount of urine.

13. Changes in Breasts – It could be an indication of breast cancer. You can perform a self-examination and check for the signs: for instance, Puckered, dimpled, scaly, red, itchy breast skin, Discharge or changes in the nipple, Bloody discharge from the nipple, change in the size of breast or nipple, Breast feels different

In case you or your loved being is suspected of any above-mentioned signs or symptoms- consult your healthcare provider. The same is advocated by the best oncologists in a cancer hospital in Gurgaon, for early diagnosis of cancer.

And for a second opinion, you Can also consult the virtual hospital for cancer rounds.

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February 1, 2022

Parameters To Be Considered Wisely Before Choosing Breast Cancer Treatment Oncologist

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, each patient and his/her loved being need to approach the best oncologists for the best breast cancer treatment in India. In the process of choosing an oncologist’s team for treatment, to get the best care, need to consider certain parameters. The treating team for breast cancer treatment includes specialists such as a breast surgeon, a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, a plastic surgeon, and a genetic counselor.

The process of searching for doctors might seem overwhelming. But it needs research and in spite of feeling tempted to rush into decisions, so you can start treatment as soon as possible – the first and foremost need is to remain calm and approach the best cancer hospital with the best oncologists.

Now you must be worried that what you need to keep in mind you need to carefully select the doctors that are right for you and your patients.


Following parameters shall be wisely approached to consider when selecting each of the key members of the cancer treatment team:

1. Do oncologists and team members communicate well?

Communication is an essential part to be considered. As the treating oncologist explains things in a way you can understand, listens to you and/or the patient, and takes your concerns seriously. Remember the treating doctor should not act dismissive or threatened when you bring up treatment options you’ve researched or you mention the second opinion issues in your mind.

If possible, bring a loved being or your caretaker along to your appointments to help you form an understanding bond with to doctor. When you’re anxious or upset, it’s hard to catch and judge the interaction.


2. Do they have the experience and they are specialists in the field?

Make sure your oncologists have the right training, degrees, and experience. For example, choosing the best oncologist who specializes in breast cancer treatment rather than in treating several kinds of cancer- is a necessity to be considered. Also, see if a doctor is following advances and innovations in the stream. As if he can help you enroll in clinical trials and treatment approaches that are relevant to your situation.


3. Is their paramedical and office staff responsive?

Pay attention to whether the oncologist’s team and the doctor’s office staff are helpful, and return/answer your calls. If setting up appointments is too frustrating, that is not a green signal. However, try talking with your doctor about any problems and if still you don’t find a solution- then you may switch practices.


4. Could you follow up with them over the long term considering the distance from your living space and your economic status?

Your oncologists might be working with you extra particularly if you have metastatic breast cancer- an advanced-stage disease. This indicates that you are taking hormonal therapy on a long-term basis, or if you have an inherited gene mutation then in this case it’s best to choose the best oncologist who is going to be in practice for a long time and isn’t close to retiring. Also, the treating oncologists must not be in a far place and in a position to understand your economic status.


5. Do you want to keep looking for another doctor for a second opinion?

Ultimately, your goal should be to get the best care or provide the best care to your patient. Right from the beginning of your treatment don’t hesitate to get a second opinion if you’re lacking confidence in a particular doctor’s treatment recommendations, expertise, or communication skills. Asking for opinions from other doctors can also help and don’t hide it from your current doctor.

Opting for the best cancer treatment in India, the best oncologists, or the second opinion – please consider contacting Cancer Rounds.

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January 31, 2022

The Fourth Stanchion in The Treatment World of Cancer is Interventional Oncology- As Multidisciplinary Arm of Treatment

One of the recent evolving branches of interventional radiology, which relies on highly sophisticated treatment tools accompanied by precise imaging guidance to target and destroy malignant tumors are referred to as Interventional Oncology.

The field of Interventional Oncology is an important pavement to potential benefits for both patients and the healthcare system.

Being a new discipline multidisciplinary treatment arm, interventional oncology is considered by the best hematologist in India as the wider field of oncology. In the cancer hospital Gurgaon, all oncologists, and experts prefer, its application in regard to a cornerstone of modern cancer care.

Yes, interventional oncology offers strong collaboration between radiation oncology and interventional oncology, aiming at treatment or cure means treatment with remission or palliative cure.

A robust quality-assurance framework to support the integration of interventional oncology into multidisciplinary care provides benefits to health care practitioners, cancer patients, and to the wider field of oncology research as well. A recent offshoot of interventional radiology is interventional oncology has evolved as an independent stanchion within multidisciplinary oncologic care.

Intervention oncology is one of the minimally-invasive image-guided tumor therapy defined as comprehensive unlimited technological innovation. Best hematologist in India and best oncologist in Mumbai refer patients for Interventional oncology with the expectation that minimally-invasive therapies incorporated in oncologic care plans with sister disciplines will gratify a new level of clinical collaboration. This is predicted to research results of many years and is more based on prospectively collected clinical evidence. An Interventional Oncology -IO practice is preferred in treatment regimen by a young generation that includes procedures like minimally-invasive, image-guided tumor therapies.

Workbench for an interventional oncologist incorporates less un-common services for cancer patients including venous/enteral access, biopsies, and palliative procedures. Mentioned cancer care tool kit is representing the initial point of contact. Followed by therapeutic concepts and rapid solutions for increasingly complex Carcinogenesis with symptom relief as a common result. The satisfaction rate in terms of patient analysis and quality care index pick a spike with an excellent impression of referring physicians and treating oncologists.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death worldwide and at the same time, medicine as a whole is undergoing a phase of transformation in the light turning to the dark of declining reimbursements. Recent advances have provided interventional oncology as a different treatment and the unique position of the treatment world of oncology. Being a technology-driven specialty, it is able to fulfil the professional requirements for highly specialized experts who have the skill and the will to grow a practice.

Maintaining and expanding the fourth stanchion of clinical oncology requires steps above the technical skills learned in a fellowship. For these interventional oncologists are ready to speak the language of oncology, which ensures broadening knowledge of the science and practice of interventional oncology.

Interventional oncology as a separate branch to communicate in oncology streams as a multidisciplinary arm focuses on the fundamentals of the other oncologic disciplines to be widely accepted treatment in guidelines for various cancers as well.

Our obligation of clinical research and development by Interventional Oncology upholds the rigid standards of evidence-based medicine and is surely an evolving oncological solution. Tremendous progress has been made over the last decade, to which an example is a trial involving the ability to influence clinical guidelines in lieu of hepatocellular carcinoma. In these two therapies performed by interventional oncologists, ablation and chemoembolization, are incorporated into official treatment guidelines globally. And new norm for answering clinical questions based on prospective multicentre phase II or III studies, either single-arm or randomized is on rapid research events.

To conclude Interventional Oncology is an exciting area which is exploiting vascular and non vascular procedures similar to or identical to other procedures performed by Interventional Radiologists. This allows oncologists in making practice development feasible to use physician extenders to maximize efficiency in practice.

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January 18, 2022

First Month Of Year Reminds – What Can Be Done to Reduce Risk of Cervical Cancer?




Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer affects the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus connecting to the vagina. A virus- namely Human Papillomavirus HPV, is a virus transmitted from one individual to another during sexual intercourse. HPV is the common cause of this cancer. Yes, recently Cervical Cancer treatment is generally planned with strategy as treatable and curable. Yes Cervical cancer treatment is curable- if it is diagnosed when the cancer is in an early stage.
Our oncologist from Cancer hospital in Gurgaon recommends certain tips, that can help a female prevent cervical cancer: –

1. Quit Smoking and start anti-tobacco cessation therapy- As individuals who smoke are in a high-risk zone to get cervical cancer twice times. Quitting tobacco is the best way to avoid cervical cancer. This is because tobacco poses the intake of toxins either by smoking in the body that affect the DNA of the cervix. These harmful toxins contribute to the growth of cervical cancer and quitting tobacco usage will reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

2. Improving the Immunity of the body will help the host to fight against deadly diseases. Take steps to improve immunity by shifting to a healthy diet and quitting a lazy routine- one should exercise regularly. Yes, Leading a healthy lifestyle and doing meditation to manage stress properly assures one to go a long way in improving immunity against diseases like cancer.

3. HPV Vaccine- is among few vaccines that can protect young females against certain HPV-associated cervical cancer. This vaccine is available even for children as young as nine years old and is recommended to prevent the risk of cervical cancer. Even if you are vaccinated, you still need screening because no vaccine provides complete protection.

4. Screening for cervical cancer- is a key for early detection that can help in timely cervical cancer treatment and high treatment success rates or even remission. The leading cancer hospital in Gurgaon conducts such screening camps from time to time.

Multifactorial process is responsible for development of cervical cancer that includes:
1. Multiple sexual partners
2. Smoking
3. Poor immunity
4. Early sexual activities
5. Other sexually transmitted diseases.

Hope this article will initiate a rhythm of awareness to take all the required preventive measures for cervical cancer. The symptoms one must look for before consulting the doctor are heavy menstrual bleeding, un-explained or varied color vaginal discharge, bleeding after intercourse, and sexual intercourse accompanied with pain.
Once you suspect and consult the doctor following the experience of the above-mentioned symptoms- diagnostic work is done that includes: –

1. PAP Smear Test: in this test, the gynecologist takes cervical cell samples by the process of exfoliative cytology and the sample is sent to a laboratory for testing. The pathologist will examine the sample after stained with PAP stain under microscopy to detect cancerous cells. It is generally recommended that females above 25 years shall get a PAP screening test done in 3years until the 6th decade

2. HPV Test is referred to as a standalone test or a PAP test to predict the risk of developing cervical cancer. After every 3rd decade, the guidelines have recommended PAP and HPV tests once every six years.
We must mention here that in case the PAP smear or HPV test results turn out abnormal, you need to follow up with an oncologist.

Cervical cancer treatment: the best oncologists at the Cancer hospital in Gurgaon will provide the diagnosed patient with several treatment options. The assured treatment is dependent on the stage of cervical cancer, tumor size, age of the patient, health condition, economic status.

To conclude we must focus on fact that the prevention is better than cure – and above said few tips at home will prevent cervical cancer. Also, we want you to take the pledge in the month of January to spread the word of Cervical cancer awareness by opting for regular cancer screening. If at all you happen to be diagnosed with this cancer, you can get timely treatment and might get cured.

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January 17, 2022


In the world of cancer, hematologist, oncologists focus on ways to reduce inflammation. The key to the lock lies not in the treatment regimen, but in the optimal diet.

Yes, the optimal diet for cancer patients and survivors is an anti-inflammatory diet. As it allows your body to fight off the inflammation that is able to damage your body’s healthy cells.

The mechanism of action by which an anti-inflammatory diet plan helps cancer patients and survivors:

First, let us discuss Inflammation: Biological immune response is activated when your body recognizes anything that is a foreign substance—such as an invading microbe, plant pollen, or chemical. This response triggers the cascade of inflammation.  This natural process protects the human body as a defense but sometimes persisting inflammation even in absence of threatened foreign invaders is not normal.

Relating this most of the diseases/disorders including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease—have been linked to persistent or chronic inflammation.

And among the effective tools for battling chronic inflammation, comes from the grocery store.

Yes, in literature database trials and experimental studies have proven “components of nutrition with anti-inflammatory effects helps the body fight illness like cancer and can protect it from harm.

The anti-inflammatory diet- optimal diet for cancer patients and survivors includes prebiotics, fiber, omega-3s, and antioxidants.

Ideally, an optimal diet to fight inflammation in your body is required to be enriched with vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and/or fatty fish.

Best hematologists in India and best oncologists are always in favor of natural Anti-Inflammatories to be incorporated into the diet to fight against cancer or reduce the risk of cancer.

We know you are looking to understand more about natural anti-inflammatories but it may require changing your eating habits as well.

As during treatment of cancer, the role of medication along with other treatments are important, -similarly, an anti-inflammatory diet is a must. And same is foundation for designing diet plan for oncology patients at cancer hospital in Gurgaon.

Just! changing what’s on your plate is a miraculous cure as this lessens the number of flare-ups and lowers down a few notches of having other problems as well.

If you or your loved being is diagnosed with cancer – we suggest that the mainstream nutrition is to eat anti-inflammatory foods.

The next questions you might be worried about is –

How protein requirement of the body will be fulfilled? – The quick fix to this is plant-based proteins (like beans and nuts).

The main outlook in an optimal diet plan for the anti-inflammatory diet of cancer patients or survivors is to avoid highly processed, overly greasy, or super sweet food.

Our specialized team of well-known and best oncologist, hematologist hereby support optimal diet/ anti-inflammatory meal plan helping to keep inflammation under control.

Anti-inflammatory recipes that can help you to make an optimal diet plan delicious are mentioned here:

  1. Oat porridge garnished with berries is a tasty meal to start a day that assure high doses of prebiotics, antioxidants, and fiber.
  2. For gluten-free options we can opt buckwheat and chia seed porridge. It will be able to boost omega-3 content, fiber, and protein.
  3. Turmeric in Scrambled eggs is surely an excellent source of protein, and vitamin D- with an extra anti-inflammatory boost. Since, Turmeric is rich in a compound called curcumin, responsible for managing oxidative and inflammatory conditions.
  4. Pineapple smoothie- another kick to start a day that is full of fiber and protein. The high levels of bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory is in Pineapple.
  5. Spinach tortilla that may be accompanied with a salad of green leafy vegetables, and broccoli, is a rich source of two polyphenols called quercetin and coenzyme Q10 and this reduces inflammation.
  6. Quinoa and citrus fruit salad contain lots of protein and nutrients with an antioxidant boost.
  7. Grape and apple slaw is a fun side dish that is a good source of another anti-inflammatory polyphenol called anthocyanins, resveratrol that helps to reduce inflammation.

We mention here that ingredients in food provide healthful benefits, but it’s still very essential to include a wide variety of whole food in the diet. The idea of the optimal diet with anti-inflammatory properties is to maintain balance.

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January 10, 2022
Best Oncologist In Mumbai

Top 10 Best Oncologist in Mumbai | Best Cancer Doctors


Given below is the list of the best Oncologists in Mumbai. This article contains every information about the doctors that you need to know.

Most of them are associated with our organization and to get consultation from them, do contact Cancer Rounds.


1. Dr. Satish Rao


dr satish rao mumbai oncologist


Doctor’s Overview

He is a trained surgical oncologist with additional hand-on experience in head, neck, and laser surgery. 

Dr. Satish Rao is in the list of best oncologists in Mumbai and top endoscopic laser surgery related to head neck, and breast cancer specialist in India.



He is known to be the best oncologist in Mumbai as proven experience in laser treatment therapy. He has gained many other global cancer treatment skills, which make him the best oncologist in India.


Medical Qualification

He has done MBBS, MS, FICS, FAIS, and Surgical oncology from tata memorial hospital and gained Training in clinical oncology from Memorial Sloan Kettering, new work, USA. With these kinds of global expertise in clinical oncology makes him the best oncologist in Mumbai.

Dr Satish Rao has completed his medical supremacy from the University of Goettingen, Germany. 

He has worked in Sushruta hospital and research center, Chembur, reliance hospital Navi Mumbai. He is one of the best oncologists in Mumbai.


Treatment Expertise

  • He has more than two decades of experience in surgical oncology with expertise in head, neck, thyroid, and breast cancer surgery. To make the best oncologist in Mumbai you have to gain additional expertise in laser surgery like parotid and conservation surgery.
  • Dr Satish Rao is the head of the Department of Surgical Oncology and working with the best oncologist in Mumbai. He has more than 23 years of experience in Head, Neck, and Breast cancer surgeries with the best cancer doctors in Mumbai. 
  • He has completed his M.S. from a reputed institute in Mumbai and an internship in surgical oncology from a well-known cancer hospital.
  • Dr Satish Rao has undertaken advanced training in Head and Neck Oncology at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA. 
  • He has received specific training in endoscopic laser surgery for head and neck cancer from Kiel and Gottingen University, Germany. Have the experience of working with some of the best oncologist in Mumbai.


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2. Dr Indoo Ambulkar


dr indoo mumbai onco


Doctor’s Overview

Dr Indoo Ambulkar is among the best Oncologist in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with 18 years of proven experience in the department of Oncology. 

She has completed her Diploma in medicine and gets a fellowship in medical oncology from the well-regarded Tata memorial hospital, Mumbai, for their unmatchable contribution. 

Dr Indoo Ambulkar is in the grade of the best Oncologist in Mumbai, who has more than 16 years of practice in oncology with the highest success rate.



She has more than 27 years of total expertise in medical oncology and sixteen years of clinical practice cancer surgery as she became the best cancer doctors in Mumbai. 

Dr. Indoo has additional knowledge in giving radiation chemotherapy for various cancer types. There are many other oncology areas where she has made her name in the best oncologist in Mumbai.


Medical Qualification

She completed her MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Gandhi medical college Bhopal in 1993, completed MD in General Medicine from Gandhi medical college Bhopal in 1996. 

The Medical Oncology fellowship award compliments her by Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai in 2002, for their leading contribution in oncology research. 

She has done such hard work to make the best oncologist in Mumbai and gained experience in the same field.


Treatment Expertise: 

  • She is a popular medical and the best oncologist in Mumbai and has done many successful treatments regarding breast cancer, lung cancer, gynaecological cancers, leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and stem cell therapy. 
  • Dr. Indoo has diverse expertise in biological treatment, particularly in several diseases where the patient always looks for the most experienced and successful doctors. 
  • In addition, she has also authored chapters in the department of medicine. That’s why she is a member of various national and international societies of the best oncologist in Mumbai.


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3. Dr. Upasna Saxena


dr upasna saxena oncologist mumbai


Doctor’s Overview

Dr. Upasna Saxena became senior radiation and the best oncologist in Mumbai after completing MBBA and M.A. degree from Madhya Pradesh. She is a gold medalist at medical school and gains expertise in various cancer treatments.



She is among the most experienced cancer doctors in Mumbai with 13 Years of overall Experience in cancer-related treatment and ten years as the best oncologist in Mumbai. She is a perfect and well-known name among the best oncologist in Mumbai.


Medical Qualification

Dr. Upasna Saxena concluded her MBBS at well-known colleges in M.P. and gained vast experience in all areas of radiotherapy, be it conventional or modern, like 3DCRT, IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, respiratory diseases. 

She has individual awareness in PET and MRI based planning, image-guided brachytherapy, and adaptive radiotherapy as she became the best oncologist in Mumbai.


Treatment Expertise

  • She has completed her MBBS from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. She entered the field of oncology in 2007 with her M.D. Radiation Oncology at NSCB Medical College, Jabalpur. 
  • Along with one year of faculty experience in the medical college and five years in the reputed Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, New Delhi. 
  • She is right now working in HCG-Apex Cane Centre, Mumbai, and known as the best oncologist in Mumbai.


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4. Dr. Deepika Nayak


dr deepika nayak mumbai oncologist



Doctor’s Overview

Dr. Deepika Nayak is amongst the best oncologist in Mumbai, all with 12 years of overall experience and six years, specifically in surgical oncology. 

She has expertise in Surgical Oncologist at HCG Cancer Centre, Borivali, Mumbai. Dr. Deepika Nayak completed her MBBS from a renowned medical college and Masters in General Surgery from a famous medical college in Kerala.



Dr. Deepika Nayak carries twelve years of total experience in medical oncology and six years of expertise in surgical oncology. 

She has saved many of the patient’s life due to her high competence, and that makes her the best oncologist in Mumbai, India.


Medical Qualification

She has completed her MBBS from a renowned medical college in Karnataka, and MS in General Surgery from Kerala medical college. 

Further, she went on to complete her MCH from one of India’s premier institutes in Chennai, India. By gaining these newest technologies in the field of cancer make her the best oncologists in Mumbai.


Treatment Expertise

  • She is the best oncologist in Mumbai, doing treatment of surgical oncologist and general surgery approved by Maharashtra medical council. 
  • Dr. deepika has the expertise to work with the best cancer doctors in Mumbai. Also, she gained the experience of working with the best oncologists in Mumbai.


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5. Dr Sachin Gawde


dr sachin gawde mumbai oncologist



Doctor’s Overview

Dr. Sachin Gawde is a Nuclear Medicine Specialist with an experience of 12 years in Mumbai. He has done successful operations in the field of clinical and surgical oncology. 

Dr. Gawde is on the list of a few best oncologist in Mumbai and made their name with their acquired skills and made the best oncologists in Mumbai.



He has proper expertise in clinical oncology with some of the best cancer doctors in Mumbai at HCG Apex cancer hospital, Mumbai. 

Dr. Sachin Gawde practices at the HCG Cancer Centre – Borivali West in Mumbai. The HCG Cancer health Centre Borivali, Mumbai West.


Medical Qualification

He pursued his MBBS in the year 1997 from the University of Pune. He completed his DRM in the year 2007 from the University Of Mumbai and became one of the best oncologists in Mumbai.


Treatment Expertise

  • He is working at HCG Apex Cancer Centre from 2018 to 2019. Dr. Sachin Gawde is an experienced, skilled, and awarded doctor in his field of specialization with some of the best oncologists in Mumbai.


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6. Dr. Shankar Vangipuram


dr shankar vangipuram mumbai oncologist


Doctor’s Overview

Dr.Shankar Vangipuram completed his master’s degree in Radiation Oncology in 2000 from a renowned medical college in Hyderabad. He did his Neuro-Oncology Fellowship and became the best oncologist in Mumbai.



Dr. Shankar Vangipuram is one of the best oncologists in Mumbai and is presently associated with HCG APEX Cancer Centre, Mumbai. 

He finalized his M.D. at a reputed university in Hyderabad and DNB at a famous institute in Mumbai. He has immense experience in using high radiation technologies, which makes him the best oncologist in Mumbai.


Medical Qualification

He has almost two-decade post-M.D. experience in surgical oncology and focusing on includes high precision radiation therapy, skin electron beam therapy, Intracranial radiosurgery for benign intracranial cancer.

In terms of extracranial radiosurgery, he specializes in Lung, Spine, Liver, Pancreas, and Prostate Cancer that makes him the best oncologist in Mumbai.


Treatment Expertise

  • Dr. Shankar’s major clinical strengths are IMRT, IGRT, Arc Therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, and radiotherapy. 
  • Several of Dr. Shankar’s research papers and journals have been peer-reviewed. He has also worked in the past with the best oncologist in Mumbai.


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7. Dr. Trinanjan Basu


dr trinanjan basu mumbai onco


Doctor’s Overview

Dr. Trinanjan Basu is a senior radiation oncologist at HCG medical centre Mumbai with more than 12 years of experience

Get additional expertise in the head, neck, and gastrointestinal diseases. This extensive expertise makes Dr. Trinanjan Basu the best oncologist in Mumbai. 

Dr. Trinanjan Basu finished his post-graduation in radiation therapy from Calcutta West Bengal, after which he worked as a senior registrar ship in numerous site-based radiation oncology from Mumbai for 2.5 years.



He then worked at the high-end state of the art facility in Delhi-NCR for four years. During this service time, he also works as a visiting clinical fellow at Institute Gustave Roussy, Paris, France. This global expertise makes him the best oncologist in Mumbai.


Medical Qualification

Dr. Trinanjan Basu- MBBS, MD – Radiotherapy, Radiation Oncologist with 11 Years of total Experience, and ten years as the best oncologist in Mumbai. 

Dr. Basu has gained experience in planning and evaluation in head and neck cancers, a better technique to spare typical structures, and assess and improve quality of life in such a safe way. 


Treatment Expertise

  • Dr. Basu’s area of expertise includes treatment of benign and malignant brain tumors, head and neck cancers with IMRT/VMAT, application of SRS/SBRT in brain, spine, lung, and prostate malignancies. The best oncologist in Mumbai must have these types of expertise because of their reputation.


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8. Dr. Deepanjali Adulkar


dr deepanjali adulkar mumbai oncologist


Doctor’s Overview

Dr. Deepanjali Adulkar is among the best oncologist in Mumbai, and she practices at the HCG cancer treatment center, Borivali. 

She has gained expertise in the medical practice industry, clinical research, medical education, and oncology, and radiation therapy.

Dr. Deepanjali Adulkar is a Radiation oncologist who carries five years of overall experience in oncology. She has completed her graduation from G.S. College and KEM hospital, Mumbai, post-graduation from Yashoda cancer institute in Radiation Oncology, and became the best cancer doctors in Mumbai.

After that, she worked in Tata Memorial hospital for two years. She received a respected Fellowship in Radiation oncology from one of the topmost institutes in Oncology. 

At the same time, she is working as a Consultant Radiation Oncologist at a well-known Hospital in Mumbai together with the best oncologist in Mumbai.



She carries five-year overall expertise in cancer treatment and with two years of additional experience in IMRT/IGRT in radiation oncology. She also brings the experience to work with some of the best oncologist in Mumbai.


Medical Qualification

She is the best cancer doctor in Mumbai with MBBS from King Edward memorial hospital and Seth Gordhandas medical college. 

She has completed her graduation from G.S. College and KEM hospital, Mumbai, post-graduation from Yashoda cancer institute in Radiation Oncology from Hyderabad, and became the best oncologist in Mumbai.


Treatment Expertise

  • She is undoubtedly the best oncologist in Mumbai with MPCT hospital from 2012-2017 after having two years’ experience in Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. 
  • After that she worked with MPCT hospital for about one year, Tata memorial centre at one year two months, Navnath healthcare at one year ten months, and currently she is working at HCG hospital as a consultant radiation oncologist. These are some essential hands-on experiences to make the best oncologist in Mumbai.


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9. Dr. Suraj D Chiraniya


dr suraj d chiraniya onco mumbai


Doctor’s Overview

Dr. Suraj D Chiraniya is well known for performing bone marrow transplant in adults and children. He is an adult & pediatric clinical hematologist and bone marrow transplant physician. He currently practices at HCG Cancer Centre, Mumbai.



Dr. Suraj has more than 7 years of experience in hematology and oncology with his Specialty in blood disorder. He has performed many surgeries and treated many patients to full recovery. 

He is also experienced in performing autologous and allogeneic blood and bone marrow transplant for hematological and oncological malignancies and benign conditions, like thalassemia.


Medical Qualification

Dr. Suraj completed his graduation in MBBS and MD in general medicine from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik in 2015. 

After that, he recently completed his doctorate in clinical hematology from Christian Medical College Vellore in 2020


Treatment Expertise

  • His main interest is in Blood disorders such as aplastic anemia, sickle cell disease, thalassemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, acute leukemia, multiple myeloma, Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, myelodysplastic-myeloproliferative syndromes, platelet disorders, hemophilia, and other bleeding disorders. His area of expertise is under allogenic and autologous blood and bone marrow transplant.


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10. Dr Suresh Advani


dr suresh advani mumbai oncologist


Doctor’s overview

Dr. Suresh Advani is one of the most renowned & best oncologists in Mumbai. He had dedicated his whole life to serve his patients and treat them with care. He is one of the most reputed doctors for having Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri. 



Dr. Suresh has more than 50 years of experience in medical oncology. Since 1974 he has been working as a medical oncologist/ hematologist with great devotion to cure his cancer patient.

Dr. Advani left his house and rose to the highest position in his department. He is currently the chief medical and pediatric oncologist and hematologist at Jaslok Hospital.


Medical Qualification

He has completed his MBBS and MD in General Medicine. FICP, MNAMS and FNAMS are other achievements he has gained throughout his career.


Treatment Expertise

  • His expertise is under the field of breast, prostate, cervical, lung, stomach, blood, and colorectal cancer etc. He is also the first and best oncologist in Mumbai to ever perform bone marrow transplant. He is known for treating high-grade cancers.


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September 24, 2020

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