Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that occurs in the breast cells. These cancerous cells grow abnormally and divide rapidly, unlike normal cells.

The cancerous cells accumulate and form a solid mass known as a tumor. It mostly affects women, but men also have breast cancer in some rare cases.  


breast cancer treatment


Some of the main causes of breast cancer are inherited mutated genes, exposure to radiation, or lifestyle factors.

Many different methods are available nowadays for breast cancer treatment, and the survival rates have significantly increased.  

The cost of breast cancer treatment differs depending on multiple factors. This article focuses on the cost of breast cancer treatment in India.


Cost of Breast Cancer Treatment in the World

The cost of breast cancer treatment around the world varies vastly. The cost can be less or more depending upon the stage of breast cancer, medical staff experience, etc. It is shown in the table below:

breast cancer treatment cost

Breast cancer treatment cost in India is the lowest and it offers the best treatment at a reasonable price. The average cost of breast cancer treatment is roughly around Rs. 7,00,000, which converts to $8000.


Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Breast cancer treatment is the cheapest in India as compared to other countries. However, breast cancer treatment costs differ in different cities in India. The list given below reflects that:

breast cancer treatment cost in india

Among various cities in India, Delhi provides the most affordable treatment for breast cancer. 


Type of Breast Cancer Treatment with cost 

Different treatment methods are used for the treatment of breast cancer. Surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy are the most commonly used methods to treat cancer. The type of treatment taken in action will vary in cost, such as: 


1. Surgery: 

The most frequent method of breast cancer treatment is surgery. In surgery, many options exist, including Lumpectomy, mastectomy, sentinel node biopsy, axillary lymph node dissection, etc.

The oncologist will tell you which type of surgery is needed to be done as per the tumor in the patient’s body. The breast cancer surgery cost in India for each type of surgery is divergent from each other, as per the given list:


type of breast cancer treatment with cost


2. Radiation Therapy:

Radiation therapy uses a high-powered beam to destroy cancer cells. It is usually given at the early stages or after surgery to kill the remaining cells.

The cost of breast cancer treatment by radiation therapy lies in the range of 1 lakh to 10 lakhs depending upon the number of sessions required.  

Breast cancer radiation may last between three days to six weeks, depending on the treatment. A radiation oncologist chooses which treatment is effective for the patient based on their situation, cancer, and tumor location.


3. Chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy involves the use of medicines to kill rapidly developing cells. It is given before surgery when the tumor is too large to shrink. It is also used to treat women whose cancer has spread to other parts of their bodies.

Chemotherapy may be recommended to manage cancer and alleviate any symptoms caused by the malignancy. It usually cost around Rs.4,000- Rs.45,000.  

Apart from these methods, there are several other techniques to treat breast cancer, such as hormone therapy, immunotherapy, or targeted drug therapy.


Factors Affecting the Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Apart from the main treatment process, several other expenses are included in the cost of breast cancer treatment in India

factor that affect cost of breast cancer treatment in india

There are various stages in cancer, and depending upon the complexity of cancer, the treatment differs. As a result, the final cost of breast cancer treatment in India varies with each stage.


Why India is better?

India is a developing country equipped with world-class technology and skilled professionals. The healthcare sector is one of the most advanced fields in India.

These are some of the major reasons which make India one of the best countries to get breast cancer treatment: 


  • Top Doctors – In India, most cancer specialists have years of experience in this field and excellent skills in treating people with cancer. They can diagnose the stage of cancer and can plan a precise treatment plan for the patient according to their need and overall health. They work closely with the non-medical staff and the patient to provide them with palliative care and support. Patients receive prime treatment in India with the correct dose and high-quality care. 


  • Top hospitals – The government recognizes almost all the cancer hospitals in India. They provide first-rate facilities and infrastructure, providing a peaceful environment for the patients’ health. All the cancer hospitals offer great cancer care and assist the patient to boost their morale. The medical and non-medical staff come together to provide international service efficacy in India. 


  •  Advance equipment – With the best facilities and skilled doctors, Indian cancer hospitals also provide the latest equipment for surgery and diagnosis. The robotic technology and cyberknife reduce surgical issues and assist in complicated interventions.  


  • Latest medicines – All the latest FDA-approved cancer medicines are readily available in India. Cancer drugs are much cheaper in India than in other developed countries, costing a patient a fortune to get the medicines.


How can cancer rounds help you?

Cancer Rounds are here to ensure that the right healthcare decisions are made. It assists cancer patients in getting the best treatment possible at an affordable price.

It is a technology-driven online medical solution provider with India’s best hospitals and world-class oncologists. All you have to do is send us a query, and our team will contact you within 24 hours.


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