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HCG Stands for healthcare global enterprises and is a cancer-speciality hospital that offers intensive cancer care. Advanced technology and innovative machines help oncologists to provide world-class treatment to patients, which also makes HCG hospital Bangalore one of the best cancer centres in India.

The team of specialists in different fields of oncology and cancer treatment offers their services around the clock.

hcg hospital bangalore


Emergency services and end-stage treatment are also among the best services available in HCG hospital Bangalore. With more than 3 branches in Bangalore itself, HCG is considered the best cancer hospital in Bangalore.

HCG hospital Bangalore is home to many skilled professionals with decades of experience in their specific field of treatment. HCG cancer centre aims to offer quality service to each and every patient suffering from cancer.

Apart from skilled medical professionals, the team of non-medical staff and the supporting team also assist in providing the patient with their journey of treatment.  

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Infrastructure in HCG Hospital Bangalore: 

HCG hospital has more than 20 hospitals all over India with 3 in Bangalore. The state-of-the-art infrastructure makes these hospitals, one of a kind.

All the centres in Bangalore are well equipped with cutting-edge technology and the best medical professionals in India.

The non-medical staff such as the management team, corporate team and capital resources offer their best services to make other services of the hospital more patient-friendly.


The hospital offers various diagnosis and treatment options including PET-CT scan, MRI and x-ray. The location of each HCG hospital in Bangalore is easy to access through the airport and metro.

The transport facilities in Bangalore are attainable and any patient from different regions can travel easily to HCG Cancer Centre in a few minutes.

The hospital has a fully equipped operation theatre with innovative technologies, daycare chemotherapy wards, a modern technology-equipped ICU and many general wards.


The HCG hospital Bangalore has separate wards for kids and paediatric treatments. In addition, HCG hospital Bangalore also offers segregated international patient wards with accommodation services.

The canteen offers the best nutritious and exceptional food for the patient, caretakers or visitors. Apart from all this, the HCG hospital Bangalore also provides rehabilitation services.

The management team never ceases to offer desk help to the patient throughout their treatment process.  


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Teams and Speciality: 

The HCG hospital Bangalore specialised in treating cancer. Their team of experienced oncologists makes HCG, the best choice for cancer patients to get their treatment.

Even in end-stage cases, advanced cancer and complex cancer in patients ranging from a child to adults, the HCG cancer centre has always been at the top of the list of best cancer hospitals in Bangalore.

hcg hospital doctor


With a team of many different oncologists and numerous specialised medical physicians, HCG hospital Bangalore provides cancer treatment to every patient.

This type of intensive treatment of cancer requires world-class technology with skilled professionals who have hands-on training to operate such machines.

In the last few decades, HCG hospital Bangalore has stepped up to become a high-end technology-associated treatment centre.

This new age technology helps medical professionals precisely address the condition and plan proper treatment for specific cancer.

Most modern technologies such as Cyclotron, PET-CT scan, Image-guided radiation therapy technology, Cyberknife technology FFF technology, TomoTherapy-H and many more.  

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Top Doctors in HCG Hospital Bangalore: 

There are many specialists that practice in HCG hospital Bangalore, some of them are: 


1. Dr. Intezar Mehdi 

Dr. Intezar Mehdi is the director and head of the haematology department at HCG hospital Bangalore.

He is the senior consultant in the Pediatric Hematology Oncology & BMT field of the HCG hospital. With decades of experience and practice, Dr. Mehdi treats more than 100 patients in a year.

He is a renowned paediatric haematologist. His expertise lies in treating blood cancers such as  

  • ALL and AML 
  • Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas 
  • Histiocytosis 
  • CNS tumour 
  • Bone tumour 
  • Neuroblastoma 
  • Wilms tumour 
  • Sarcoma  
  • Thalassemia 
  • Sickle cell anaemia 
  • Haemophilia 
  • Other blood-related disorders 

He is also experienced in treating bone marrow transplants. Dr. Mehdi is awarded many prestigious medical awards for his contribution to the field. 

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2. Dr. Sachin Suresh Jadhav 

Dr. Sachin Suresh Jadhav is the head of the haematology and stem cell transplantation department of HCG hospital Bangalore. Dr. Sachin Jadhav is also a skilled professional with years of experience.

He has performed more than 700 bone marrow transplants in his career in the medical field. His expertise lies in treating blood-related disorders and conducting bone marrow transplants.

Dr. Sachin Suresh Jadhav has treated almost 5000 blood disorder cases. Dr. Jadhav has created many BMT centres pan India.

He has also contributed to the research field and published several papers in national and international catalogues.  

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3. Dr. Ramesh S Bilimaga 

Dr. Ramesh Bilimaga has been working in the field of medicine for more than 40 years. His expertise are in treating various cancers through radiation therapy.

He is a part of HCG hospital Bangalore for the past 40 years as the senior radiation oncologist. Dr. Ramesh has gained a lot of proficient skills and knowledge throughout his journey as an oncologist.

Some of his expertise lies in the PET scan, radiation therapy, cyberknife and gamma knife radiosurgery. Dr. Bilimaga has been denoted with many awards and honourable citations.  

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4. Dr. Radheyshyam Naik 

Dr. Radheyshyam Naik is a bone marrow transplant specialist and haematologist. He has gained a lot of experience by working in many medical institutions and hospitals.

He also got training in advanced programs of treatment from international institutes namely, MD Anderson cancer institute, oxford, international school for cancer care etc. With more than 26 years of experience, he has gained a lot of skills and hands-on practice in advanced treatment.

His special interest is in performing bone marrow transplants and treating many types of blood disorders.  

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5. Dr. Ravi B Diwakar 

Dr. Ravi Diwakar is a leading medical oncologist in the HCG hospital Bangalore. In his entire career in the medical field, he has gained overall experience of 33 years in treating cancer in many patients.

Dr. Ravi Diwakar is known to be friendly and interactive, who not only treats people with medicines but also supports the patients to become mentally strong.

He holds expertise in treating cancers such as Haematological neoplasm, and solid tumours through high-dose chemotherapy, with the support of growth factors and peripheral stem cells.

Dr. Diwakar has been working as a medical oncologist in HCG hospital and treating patients suffering from cancer. One of his specialities is bone marrow transplant also. 

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Facilities available: 

The HCG Cancer centre offers many facilities in terms of treatment, management, food and stay in the hospital.

The facilities may vary a little depending on the state in which the cancer centre is located, but overall, the services remain the same.

hcg hospital bangalore facility


Some of the general facilities are: 

1. Treatments available:  

HCG hospital aims to treat cancer patients and save the lives of millions of people all over India.

The HCG cancer centre offers many treatment options are surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other palliative care services.

HCG hospital works with the approach of multi-disciplinary, where many different subspecialists work in collaboration to provide the best treatment to cancer patients.

The multi-disciplinary team consists of surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and other medical experts.  


2. Diagnostic technology: 

The HCG cancer centres have many innovative diagnostic methods to identify the severity of specific cancer.

The diagnostic tests help the oncologist to get the necessary information regarding the location and stage of cancer. With the essential information provided by the diagnostic test, the doctor can precisely draft a treatment plan for the patient.

Some of the commonly used diagnostic tests for cancer which are available in HCG hospitals are PET-CT scan, x-ray, MRI, mammography, ultrasound and biopsy.  


3. Hospital Stay: 

HCG hospital provides different types of wards for the stay of a patient during treatment.

The hospital has many general wards, private rooms, BMT beds and daycare rooms in every centre. The hospitals offer services of pharmacy, cafeteria, and other basic facilities.

The hospital has different wards for different requirements of the treatment process, and it has different regions for physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.  


4. International patient services: 

The HCG hospital provides a separate department for international patients. They offer language translators and international food facilities and other facilities.

The international patients are provided with private rooms. The hospital offers airport pickup and visa services. 


5. Payment facilities: 

HCG hospitals offer a range of payment options to the patient which includes cash, credit card, debit card, insurance and UPI payment mode.

The financial team of HCG hospital helps the patient to get the best option of payment of medical services through different schemes or government programs. 


6. Other facilities: 

Apart from these basic facilities, HCG hospital in Bangalore also offers various oncology services.

As the organisation specialise in cancer care, they provide robotic surgery, liver transplantation, haematology or bone marrow transplantation, clinical laboratory facilities, chemotherapy day care availability, home health care for elderly patients, nuclear medicines, recommended reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation and other infectious diseases treatment.

HCG hospital has been there for people during their treatment and provides the best cancer care by putting its best foot forward.


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Additional Information:

Some of the basic information about HCG hospital in Bangalore are listed below:


Owner of the hospital

Dr. BS Ajai Kumar is the executive chairman of HCG hospitals. Being an oncologist, he established the HCG cancer centre in 1989. With the vision to make advanced cancer care accessible to every patient across India, Dr, BS Ajai Kumar established HCG hospital.

He is a well-known oncologist and has earned many awards in the field of medicine as well as entrepreneurship.  



No 8, HCG Towers, P. Kalinga Rao Road, Sampangi Ram Nagar, Bangalore-560020, India 


The number of beds

The HCG hospital, in Bangalore, has hundreds of beds in its facilities. 


Contact info

The HCG Hospital Bangalore has several helpline numbers for both national and international patients. But it becomes difficult to directly get an appointment or in many cases, people get an appointment for their next session of treatment after many months.

In the case of cancer where every single day is precious, delay in treatment could become fatal.

Cancer rounds help cancer patients to get the best treatment for cancer available in India. We are in association with many specialists in HCG hospital in Bangalore.

To consult a doctor, send us a query and our team will connect with you within 24 hrs.  


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