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    Treatment at CancerRounds is all about precise diagnosis, knowledge and use of basics to modern technologies in treatment and utmost patient care and comfort. Cancer treatment in India supported by Cancer Rounds is by far the best treatment experience because our oncologists are trained from the US/Europe and good Indian Institutes. The well-equipped hospitals are excellent as they are JCI accredited. The treatment cost is 1/10th of the USA. 

    There is no waiting period when the Cancer Rounds team is involved in priority bookings. 


     Cancer Rounds team starts the process by arranging a free video call between patient and doctor. 

    Along with this, the CancerRounds team helps you with the visa-related procedure which includes any issues with the documents or any process. 

    Arrangement of Comfortable Stay and good food, when required outside the hospital is done by the Cancer Rounds team. Our team stays with the patient 24*7 from airport pick to airport drop so that you feel at home. We also ensure one year of free follow-up for all patients with the same oncologist. Our very-abled oncologists treat all the types of cancers that include Breast cancer, Mouth Cancer, Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Blood cancer, etc. 


    We have helped 4000 cancer patients so far. Do spread this msg in your country and let’s stay connected on Facebook for cancer awareness related videos. Our numbers are +91-8130077375



    Fortis Hospital Research Institute is one of the top cancer institute in India with premiere facilities for cancer treatment


    Artemis Hospital is superspeciality hospital based in Gurgaon for cancer treatment.

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