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CancerRounds provides its patients and family members with adequate resources and assistance in providing medications at discounted rates. The sole aim is to help patients diagnosed with cancer, caregivers and health care professionals with cancer medicines at upto 30% Discounted rate. The quick availability & delivery of the emergency medications prove to be a boon in boosting up the treatment. Medicine Delivery and Discounts is a way of providing the family financial assistance as the family is pushed unto financial drudgery already due to the treatment cost. We are in collaboration with the top Cancer medicine companies in India and can dial in to Customer Care, toll-free helpline to provide medicine assistance and emotional support as well. We deliver PAN India and can help with saving time, money & life  by providing medicines at discounted rates and time-saving with quick assistance over a phone call.



CN-Ultra is a premium brand of Nano-curcumin. 


Zubiq is a combination of Ubiquinol or CQ10 and Zinc