Liver Cancer Treatment

Best Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver cancer is such type of cancer which occurs in the liver cells. The liver is a small organ nearly the size of a football, well placed in the upper right region of the abdomen below the diaphragm and just above the stomach. Majority of people might not experience any particular signs and symptoms during the initial phase of liver cancer. But eventually, some of the symptoms do appear with time which requires liver cancer treatment.

Liver cancer treatment in India is available in several hospitals in different cities. Like in any other cancer treatment this one also involves a team of doctors who work together efficiently to structure a patient’s overall treatment plan after accessing all factors.

The entire team of healthcare professionals includes specialized physicians, physician assistant, pharmacists, oncology nurse, oncology specialized dietitians, and most importantly patient care executive or counsellor, especially for foreign patients.


What are the factors involved in liver cancer treatment?

Liver cancer treatment recommendations, as well as options, depends upon several factors:

  • The extent of the liver which is affected by the cancer
  • Whether the cancer is spreading or has already spread
  • The overall health of the patient before starting with the treatment
  • The damage already caused to the cancer-free area of the liver


How can a liver cancer treatment start?

Liver cancer treatment can be started only after a proper diagnosis of the disease. Further, the selection of particular liver cancer treatment depends on several factors as well as what the doctor considers is best for the patient in such a scenario.

Liver cancer during the early stages is comparatively easy to treat than in later stages. Addition of some complications can also make liver cancer treatment more tricky and difficult. But the main goal of liver cancer treatment is obviously to help the patient recover from cancer and improve the quality of life in every manner.

During liver cancer treatment hepatectomy or even liver transplant can be suggested besides the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. At times even a combination of multiple things is required to completely treat the liver cancer.

During liver cancer treatment, surgery involves the removal of cancerous or tumour cells surrounding healthy tissue of the liver. This mainly is done in patients which exhibits good liver functions.

However, surgery cannot be considered as an option if excessive liver damage is observed and cannot be reversed. So a liver transplant or hepatic transplant is suggested to save the life of the patient during liver cancer treatment. It involves surgical removal of the damaged liver and replacing with a healthy donor liver. This process can be a time-consuming part of liver cancer treatment until a matching liver is available from the family members.

Further, some medications are prescribed by the oncologist as therapy during recovery or waiting period as well.


Are the Indian hospitals equipped with everything it needs for liver cancer treatment?

Liver cancer treatment is successfully done in several hospitals in India. Several big cities in India has a multi-speciality hospital set up to take care of all sort of cancer cases. The hospitals are equipped with the latest technology, best-specialized doctors as well as well equipped wards and operation theatres. All sorts of liver cancer cases along with pancreatic and biliary complications can be taken care of by the well-experienced team of HPB and liver surgeons in India.

Indian hospitals provide the best of the treatment services at economic prices along with special facilities for their foreign patients. This is the reason medical tourism has been booming in India over the past few years.