Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India

As being the most affordable country to provide brain tumor treatment, India itself shows variation in the cost of brain tumor surgery in different cities.

The table below represents the cost of brain tumor operation in different cities:  

The cost of brain tumor surgery in India ranges from Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 4,00,000, depending on the adversity of the tumor.


CityCost of Brain Tumor Surgery in INR
DelhiRs. 90,000 – Rs. 3,40,000
BangaloreRs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 3,00,000
MumbaiRs. 1,05,000 – Rs. 4,50,000
CalcuttaRs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 3,00,000


Patients coming to India for brain tumor treatment can avail of it at 15 to 20 percent of the total cost in western countries. In India, Delhi is the cheapest city to get treatment for brain tumors.  


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Introduction – 

A brain tumor is a mass of abnormal cancer cells in the brain. It could be malignant or benign.

As the tumor grows, the patient can feel the pressure and pain inside the skull. A brain tumor (brain cancer) can cause brain damage and could be life-threatening as well.   


brain tumor surgery


Brain tumors can be divided into two categories:  


  1. Primary brain tumor: – Brain tumor is called primary when cancer originates from the brain itself. There can be several benign primary brain tumors in a patient. 

  2. Secondary brain tumor: – A secondary brain tumor, often referred to as a metastatic brain tumor, develops when cancer cells migrate from another organ, such as the lung or breast, to the brain and start dividing in the brain. 


Cost of Brain Tumor Surgery in the World 

Brain tumor surgery cost can differ in different countries. The table below lists the few countries with the cost of brain tumor operation and its conversion into dollars.  



It’s very clear from this table that India provides the cheapest brain tumor surgery in the world, with world-class facilities under the supervision of skilled professionals who have years of experience.

Even though the cost of brain tumor surgery is the lowest in India, India does not comprise the quality of service it offers.  


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Factors Affecting the Brain tumor Surgery Cost in India 

In addition to the primary course of therapy, the overall brain tumor surgery cost in India is comprised of several components.

These variables might vary depending on the stage of brain tumor, and they often include diagnostic tests, consultation fees, medications, check-ups after treatment, hospital stays, etc.

All the factors that could impact the cost of brain tumor surgery in India are listed in the following table:  


factor affecting cost of brain tumor treatment cost


The cost of some of these factors may change in different cities. These factors may also vary depending upon the type and stage of the brain tumor. 


Pre and Post-Operative Costs: 

The cost of brain tumor surgery cost varies by many factors. This includes two categories such as pre and post-operative cost. These costs are the costs that are required before and after the main treatment.  

  • The preoperative cost involves all the diagnostic tests such as MRI, x-ray, or CT scan. Apart from these tests, there is the cost of consultation and general examination tests. 
  • The postoperative cost involves hospital stay after the operation, ICU or normal ward cost, regular follow-up check-ups and medications, and other requirements.  


These additional costs may vary from patient to patient and the stage of brain tumor. Every case is different and may require a different treatment plan.  


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Brain Tumor Treatment 

The treatment of brain tumors depends on many variables, such as  

  • Type of tumor 
  • The tumor’s size and location 
  • The general health of the patient 


Brain tumor treatment can be done in several ways, as explained below: 


1. Surgery 

Surgery is the most typical treatment for cancerous brain tumors. The main objective of surgery is to eliminate as much cancer as possible without harming the brain’s healthy areas. 

While some tumors can be safely removed by surgery due to their position, others may only be able to be removed in part due to their location. Brain cancer can benefit from even partial removal.

Surgery is also used to remove benign tumors that are clinically threatening. The recommended course of treatment for the original cancer type applies to metastatic brain tumors. 

Brain tumor surgery has few risks, such as hemorrhage and infection. 


Type of surgery: 

There are a few types of surgery that can be done to remove the tumor. The type of surgery that needs to be done depends on the position of the tumor. The types of surgeries are mentioned below: 


1. Neuroendoscopy  

This is a minimally invasive surgery that removes the tumor without affecting the normal brain cells. This process is done using an endoscope attached to a light, camera, and other equipment to assist the surgeon to look inside the skull.

A minute hole is drilled into the skull bone at the position of the tumor and the endoscope is inserted into it.  This endoscope removes the tumor without damaging the normal cells in the brain. 


2. Craniotomy  

A craniotomy is the most common type of surgery on the brain. It is used for many treatments such as removing blood, tissue, or tumor from the brain and relieving the pressure that occurred after an injury and skull fracture.

This process involves drilling a small hole in the skull and then removing the tumor from the brain. The hole is much bigger as compared to neuroendoscopy.  


3. Laser ablation 

Laser ablation is a process to break down a substance using a high laser beam. Similarly, it is used to reduce the growth of a tumor or remove a tumor completely.

It is generally used when the tumour is placed in a sensitive area of the brain and cannot be removed with any of the surgery mentioned above. This method works in combination with MRI which is used to guide the surgeon.

MRI helps to know the position of the tumor. It is an advanced technology to treat brain tumors. 


4. Awake craniotomy  

As the name suggests, this surgery is performed while the patient is awake. It is done in this manner because the position of the tumour is in a functional region of the brain.  Local anesthesia is given to the patient to reduce the pain of surgery.

This surgery is done while the patient is awakened because the surgeon doesn’t want to affect the motor skill controlling regions of the brain which cannot be determined before surgery hence when the patient is awake, it is easier to avoid those regions of the brain.  


5. Gamma knife surgery 

This type of surgery is very expensive and rarely used to treat cancer. This surgery uses external radiation that does not involve making incisions or other equipment. This surgery accurately targets the tumor cells with a high radiation beam without damaging the normal cells.


2. Chemotherapy 

Drugs are used in chemotherapy to kill tumor cells. Chemotherapy drugs can be administered intravenously or taken orally as pills. Depending on the type of cancer, various chemotherapy medications could be suggested. 

The type and dosage of medications you take during chemotherapy affect the adverse effects. Chemotherapy can result in hair loss, nausea, and vomiting. 


3. Radiation Therapy 

To perform radiation treatment on the tumor cells in a very tiny area, radiosurgery employs numerous radiation beams. Each radiation beam isn’t very strong, but where all the beams come together, gets a lot of radiation, which kills the tumor cells in the brain. 

In radiosurgery or radiation therapy, several technologies, such as a Gamma Knife or linear accelerator, are used to deliver radiation to treat brain cancers. These are advanced technologies that might not be available in every hospital. 


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