There are various types of cancer treatment and it depends upon the stage and clinical condition of the patient when the oncologist picks up one particular type or a combination of more than one type of treatment.The access to various medicines, infrastructure available and the experience of the cancer center also makes an impact in the choice of treatment.

You will often hear about taking multiple opinions when it comes to deciding about which treatment suits your case the best. There are protcolos which define the treatment and cancer centers follow these protocols which have given better results to the other treatment in order to bring the best possible results in any given situation.

What is more important for a cancer patient is to fully understand and discuss that why this particular treatment is chosen and what can he or she expect in the days to come. Cancer Rounds provides solutions for cancer patients such as second opinion, remote monitoring which are well established concepts in the developed world so that the patient becomes integral part in the decision making process and controls the outcomes better by having information which is reuqired in order to comply with the oncologist line of action.

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