Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone Marrow Transplant, Function, And Their Treatment In India

Bone marrow is a spongy, soft fatty tissue inside your bones that produces the different parts of the blood like RBC, WBC, and platelets. A bone marrow transplant is a medical procedure that is used to replace the bone marrow that is destroyed due to an infection, disease, and surgery. The technique involves transplanting blood stem cells, goes to the bone marrow, where they produce new blood cells that promotes the growth of new bone marrow.

Bone marrow develops immature blood-forming cells, further known as hematopoietic cells, that make around 260 billion new cells every day. But, when some disease damages the blood cells, then it is unable to produce enough amount of blood cells. In the procedure of bone marrow transplantation, the damaged bone marrow cells are replaced with some healthy ones. It is mainly of two types-

  1. Autologous bone marrow transplant when healthy cells are obtained from their bone marrow. This is the most basic one in this. A drug called growth factor is given to the patient to boost his immunity.
  2. In allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, it is taken from someone else called a donor. Donor stem is cryopreserved in the laboratories until someone needs them.


Blood Cells and Their Functions
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Different types of blood cells made by bone marrow and their functions

  • Red blood cells- (RBC) works as oxygen and nutrients carried to the various parts of the body.
  • White blood cells-(WBC) is the first line of defense in the body that fights with foreign infections.
  • Platelets- this is responsible for the clotting to stop bleeding. At the time when blood vessels get damaged, it forms the clot to stop bleeding.

There are some specific preparations required before bone marrow transplantation, like a collection of the bone marrow cells, conditioning of the receiver body, and transplant the new cells into the body. Collect stem cell- generally, stem cells are obtained from these following places-

  1. Blood- is the most commonplace when you are using your stem cell; it is collected through a thin tube and further goes into a machine that filters the stem cells. The rest of the blood is deposited back into your body.
  2. Bone marrow- The hipbone is the place to collect stem cells through the needle. It may take one to two hours in this procedure as a bandage is placed over your hips that are kept as it is for 24 hours.
  3. Cord blood- stem cells are also taken from the placenta and umbilical cord of a newborn baby. It is also get preserved for future use.
Functions of the Bone Marrow
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Bone marrow carries immature blood, forming stem cells called hematopoietic stem cells. Bone marrow transplant is required when it does not function properly due to any infection and cancer treatments. The majority of the stem cells are differentiated and can multiply themselves and make the various types of blood components. Hematopoietic stem cells are present in the bone marrow that originates in new blood components throughout life.


Why Bone Marrow Transplant is done?
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The Primary Reasons Behind The Bone Marrow Transplant


The bone marrow transplant is required when a person’s bone marrow is not able to perform his duties properly. Various reasons may be responsible for the bone marrow transplant:

  • Cancer is one of the reasons that damage bone marrow is leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma
  • Bone marrow is also depleted due to chemotherapy
  • Inherited blood disorders like sickle cell anemia are also responsible for the reduction of WBC's in the body
  • Thalassemia is also an inherited blood disorder that makes abnormal hemoglobin.
  • Bone marrow stops making blood cells in the case of aplastic anemia.
Complications during bone marrow transplant
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Bone marrow transplantation is a major medical procedure that may appear some of the other complications like a drop in blood pressure, fever, nausea, headache, and pain. These are short-lived symptoms that may depend upon the patient’s age and previous medical history. Most complications can be mild, but sometimes it may become severe also.

Bone marrow transplant cost in India
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Bone marrow transplant cost in India

The Bone marrow transplant in India is one the best in the world because the majority of the population from the world travel India to get it done.

  • Bone marrow transplant cost for thalassemia is around $32000 in India. Applicable for a variety of conditions related to bone marrow transplant for thalassemia with all facilities.
  • The approximate cost of bone marrow transplant in India relies on different factors like autologous transplantation and allogeneic bone marrow transplant 
  • Bone marrow transplant cost in India also depends on the various medical conditions like lymphoma, myeloma, leukemia, and thalassemia.
  • Indian cities have good quality and reasonable hotels, multi-cuisine cafeterias, foreign exchange facilities, money transfer facilities such as Western Union, and other facilities.

Some other reasons that make India one of the most favorite destinations for bone marrow transplants

  • Ultra-modern infrastructure in India’s super-specialty hospitals
  • There is no or short waiting time in India
  • Skilled and globally-trained medical clinicians
  • State-of-the-art bone marrow transplant research laboratories
  • Willingly accessible transfusion facilities
  • Completely fortified radiation oncology treatment laboratories
  • Sensible pricing, and the best care experience


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Bone Marrow Treatment
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Bone marrow treatment

The best bone marrow transplant centers in India have collectively performed plentiful successful transplants so far with an extraordinary success ratio. Some of the best bone marrow treatment centers in India are situated in the most popular metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai, and Hyderabad. These towns have maximum bone marrow treatment centers in India. It is convenient for a tourist from any part of the globe to stay in these capitals and get bone marrow treatment.

A bone marrow transplant is done after chemotherapy. It is a procedure like a blood transfusion in which blood is derived through a tube known as a central venous catheter. The stem cell reaches the bone marrow through the blood. Bone marrow is a lymphatic system; primary functions is to produce blood cells and store fat. Bone marrow donation is a surgical outpatient procedure in which anesthesia is given to relieve pain. 

Bone Marrow Treatment Hospital in India
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Bone Marrow Treatment Hospital in India

Bone marrow transplant is a life-saving process for those suffering from critical illnesses like various cancer types, aplastic anemia, and sickle cell disorders. India has arisen as a foremost destination for people from all over the place from the world. This is mainly because of the presence of several modern bone marrow transplant hospitals in different major cities of India. Many Bone marrow transplant experts are working in those hospitals are counted among the best in the world.

Fortis Memorial Research Institute and HCG cancer treatment center are well-known places for bone marrow transplants in India. BMT is quite an expensive treatment, so it is essential to compare some of the best Bone Marrow Treatment Hospital in India. You can also contact with some medical assistance company like cancer rounds; they will suggest you the best possible bone marrow treatment in your estimated cost.

India is the place where you can get exceptional bone marrow treatment after eradicating affected bone marrow cells. Bone Marrow Treatment Hospital in India has the most recent technologies associated with exposure to transplant healthy bone marrow cells in the patient. In the following ways, you can quickly get a cost-effective and best equipped BMT hospital in India.


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India transforming lives through BMT
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India has been catering life support to both domestic and foreign patients. Best Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals in India understands the intricacies of this kind of specialized treatment, the effectiveness of which depends upon the consistency of the treatment plan, the method of transfusion, and the post-transplantation care of the recipient to avoid complications. Therefore, they have developed a state-of-the-art laboratory and the requisite transfusion services to provide the best-in-class treatment for bone marrow transplants.

Advantages of a Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT)?

A bone marrow transplant can be used to:
● Replace unhealthy, diseased marrow with normal functioning bone marrow.
● Treat other diseases that affect bone marrow cell production, or serious disease of the immune system.
● Regenerate a new immune system that can counter latent or persistent leukemia or other tumors that are not destroyed by the chemotherapy or radiation used in the transplant.
● Replace the bone marrow and recover its natural function after being administered heavy doses of chemotherapy and/or radiation to cure a malignant disease. This procedure is also called evacuation (for diseases like lymphoma and neuroblastoma).
● Replace the bone marrow with genetically healthy bone marrow that acts to prevent further damage.

The Best Bone marrow transplant hospital in India aims at the replacement of unhealthy marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells. The goal of BMT is to transfuse healthy stem cells into a person after his or her own unhealthy bone marrow has been treated to kill the abnormal cells. Conditions successfully treated with BMT include cancers, such as leukemia, multiple myeloma, lymphoma, and solid tumors, as well as aplastic anemia.

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