Bone Marrow Transplant

Cancer has become a very sensitive word because of the mass number of deaths it is causing. The number of people being haunted by cancer is on the rise and most of them lose their lives because of a lack of knowledge about cancer. Cancer can be extremely dangerous and two types of cancers are incurable till now. If cancer is not detected in its initial stage it may claim lives. These days many sources are conducting various programs to spread cancer awareness so that people learn about the treatments, symptoms and other details about various types of cancers. The treatment for cancer patients can be very expensive and most of the people may not be able to afford cancer treatments this is why there have been several programs introduced by the government and other social organizations.

What is Bone Marrow and Bone Marrow Cancer?

Bone marrow is a soft and spongy tissue that is present inside of the most bone and various cancers can develop in the bone marrow. Cancer such as leukaemia and lymphoma develop in the bone marrow. This type of cancer takes place when the cells in the bone marrow start to grow abnormally at an accelerated rate. Bone marrow cancer is also called blood cancer. Other cancers can spread in your bone or bone marrow but they are not bone marrow cancer. Bone marrow transplant costs can be very expensive but various social organizations provide funding for people who are in need. Multiple myelomas are the most commonly found bone marrow cancer and it begins in the plasma cells. Plasma cells are white blood cells that are present in your body as antibodies to protect your body from foreign invasion. Due to the presence of tumours too many plasma cells are produced which results in bone loss and decreases the ability to fight the foreign invasion. Leukaemia is another type of bone marrow cancer and it usually involves white blood cells. The body starts producing an extra number of cells which does not die out as they should and this is why they interfere in the normal functioning of the white blood cells, red blood cells, and the platelets. In the case of acute leukaemia, immature blood cells are involved which are called blasts and its symptoms can progress rapidly. In the case of chronic leukaemia mature blood cells are involved. In case of leukaemia what happens is that you don’t realize the symptoms easily so this is why you don’t know that you are suffering from this type of cancer for years. Lymphoma is also a type of bone marrow cancer that can develop in the lymph nodes or bone marrow. Lymphoma has various sub-categories depending upon the different characteristics it shows. In this type of cancer, the lymphocytes show abnormal growth and thus disturbing the normal immune system of the body. Several great hospitals provide excellent bone marrow treatment to the patients. These hospitals are equipped with all the modern technologies required for good treatment and diagnosis for their patients.


Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment

Various bone marrow treatments are offered to patients suffering from blood cancer. It is very important to detect the presence of cancer in its initial stage because later on, it may result in fatal consequences. If you show any signs of bone marrow cancer your doctor will perform a complete inspection of your body. Depending upon the type of bone marrow cancer you are suffering from different types of diagnosis that may take place. Blood tests, urine tests, MRI, X-RAY, a biopsy of bone marrow, etc. are some of the steps involved in the treatment. It is very important to detect the presence of cancer in the initial stage because at the initial stage the chances of survival are more. With proper care and diagnosis, people with cancer at the initial stage can survive easily. Various treatments are used for bone marrow cancer. Chemotherapy is a process in which the cancer cells are destroyed and biological therapy is a process in which your own body destroys the cancer cells. There are also cancer therapy drugs that very precisely attack some of the specific cancer cells present in the body and unlike chemotherapy, it does not affect the healthy cells present in the body. Radiation therapy is another treatment method in which high energy beams target the affected area and destroy the cancer cells present there resulting in a decrease of tumour size. Bone marrow transplant is also a very effective treatment process and is also called a stem cell transplant. This process comes into the picture after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Stem cells are those kinds of cells that can divide and form different kinds of blood cells. Most of the stem cells are found in the bone marrow of the body. A bone marrow transplant can be a very difficult process but at the same time, it is a life-saving process and can be very effective for people suffering from blood cancer. Undergoing this procedure is not an easy task and this is the reason why the doctor has to perform a complete inspection of your body before suggesting a bone marrow operation. There are several tests and inspections required to conclude that the body is ready for a transplant. There are two types of stem cell transplants, namely, autologous transplants and allogeneic transplants. Before the transplant, it is very important to ensure that the body donating the stem cells have undergone a process called human leukocyte antigen testing. In case the donor is identical twin, then it is the perfect case and this type of transplant is called syngeneic transplant. It should be also kept in mind that there are a few risks of a bone marrow operation and that is the risk from chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In this process, infections or bleeding may occur. So it is very important to follow all the instructions and know the complete details about your treatment before you undergo all the process.