Chemotherapy Treatment Cost

India is one of those fastest growing medical tourism destinations where best cancer treatment is available at a very affordable cost. A huge number of international as well as national patients get treated for cancer with chemotherapy every year in India.


The chemotherapy treatment cost actually varies slightly depending upon the exact drugs used and a number of rounds required to treat cancer. Still, chemotherapy treatment cost in India is economical along with all facilities and availability of best drugs as well as doctors. This mainly brings medical tourism patients in India from several developed countries like US, Europe, the Middle East and from countries which have limited resources like Bangladesh, Africa, Sri Lanka, etc.


Is there any hidden cost involved in chemotherapy treatment?

Chemotherapy treatment cost involves mainly the drug cost which is used for the treatment. Besides that, there are several medical bills involved which are a fraction of the total financial chemotherapy treatment cost like travel or commuting to the hospital, diagnostics, and testing during the treatment, etc.


Prescription refilling from time to time also adds up to the main chemotherapy treatment cost. It might lead to financial toxicity if the patient can’t afford refills during the later stages of the treatment. So for managing chemotherapy treatment cost, careful planning is required. Nowadays several online portals are available which assist in all matters related to cancer treatment from finding the best hospital to the best possible procedure for the particular type of cancer. So it avoids visiting every single hospital and helps in managing the extra cost of the treatment.


What is the average Cost of Chemotherapy Treatment in India?

The approximate cost of eight weeks of chemotherapy might vary somewhere between Rs 20,000 to Rs 18, 000,00. Treatment with a few inexpensive drugs like 5-FU or leucovorin will cost approximately Rs 20,000 for eight weeks of therapy. However, mostly for improved therapeutic effects, these inexpensive drugs are often used in combination with some of the newly developed drugs which are expensive and it can add up the cost differently as per the drug.


Which factors affect Chemotherapy Treatment Cost?


  • Chemotherapy treatment cost depends on several factors.


  • Mainly choice of drugs accounts for the main cost of chemotherapy.


  • Then comes frequency and duration for which therapy is taken which finally decides the cost of therapy.


  • Hospital charges are charged differently depending upon the type of facilities they provide.


  • Some of the government hospitals might provide the treatment as an out-patient regimen and hence would certainly charge less.


  • Depending upon the type of cancer the approximate chemotherapy cost might range between Rs 3,000,00 to Rs 20,000,00 (US$ 3000 TO US$ 30,000) considering all different factors.


  • Over time with newly coming drugs and techniques the pricing does vary a bit however the overall treatment is effective and can even be reimbursed via insurance.


How to pay for chemotherapy?

At times insurance companies do reject payments for some of the newly expensive chemotherapeutic drugs as their cost-cutting methods. So, it is advisable to get a beforehand detailed discussion with your insurance provider. Moreover, several pharmaceutical companies and hospitals offer support programs to help patients in some financial way. Which can make up this chemotherapy treatment cost a little light on their pocket in terms of affordability.