Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treatment

Non-hodgkins-lymphoma-treatment basics:  The uncontrolled growth of cells in the body causes cancer. The cell is the basis of life and every part of our body is made of cells that carry the seed of life too. Most importantly, cells grow on own and also die after a certain life period. But due to the unexplained case, sometimes cells grow rapidly and in an uncontrolled manner. The extra cell growth causes lumps which can be outside the body. When such lumps keep on forming inside the body and disturb the normal functioning of the body, and cause life-threatening diseases called cancer.

Cancer can be at any part of the body and even affect the immune system too. White blood cells are the main soldier inside our body, fighting against germs and viruses inside the body and protect our bodies. But when white blood cells are affected by the cancerous cells, it disturbs the immune system of the body, leading to failure of the body’s immune system. This condition is known as the Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma or NHL. Lymphoma is cancer in white blood cells and there are two types- Hodgkin and Non hodgkin lymphoma. The characteristics of both of them are different and are also treated in separate methodologies. It has been found that those who are highly exposed to benzene are having a tendency to gets affected by the non hodgkin’s lymphoma.


Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Symptoms and Diagnosis
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Some of the common symptoms of this type of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma are the sudden unintentional loss of weight of the person, severe itchiness, sweats mainly during nighttime, lymph nodes get swollen, abdominal regions get unexpected swollen, feeling of a pain in the chest region and many more. Primarily if the person is highly exposed to benzene, then it is very essential to consult with an oncologist right now. Even if you have noticed any painless swollen lymph nodes, then it is better not to ignore them. Mainly look for them at the neck region, jaw-line or the hands. The specialist will ask you to undergo some tests which may include some blood test and biopsy test of cells from the affected part. Additional tests like the MRI, CT scan and X-ray of the chest, abdomen and pelvic region can also be suggested for the diagnosis. In severe cases, one marrow biopsy can also be advised to be undergone. Based on the diagnostic result, the doctor will start the treatment and also based on the stage of cancer too. But the non hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment should start as soon as possible once it is detected.

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Different Treatment Modalities for Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma
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To start with the treatment of non hodgkin's lymphoma, it must be said that the treatment procedure varies from patient to patient and primarily based on the stage of cancer too. As early as detected then there are ample chances of saving the life of the person with proper treatment. Advanced stages treatments are quite tough and also have minimal chances of survival too. Among all the procedures, chemotherapy and radiation are considered the most effective ones as they can destroy the cancer cells in the body. In the early stages, chemotherapy along with the radiation can surely cure the disease but causes a lot of pain and other side effects too. At least four months is required to notice any visible changes for the treatment.

According to the oncologists, treating the lymphoma is not a real challenge; the actual hardship is the detection of these types of cancer. Non hodgkin's lymphoma cell growth is often noticed in adults above the age of 60. Very rarely this can be detected in lower ages. Many patients confuse the symptoms with old age issues and mostly ignore them at the early stages. Later on, when the cancer is detected it already reaches the advanced stage. 

Once the chemotherapy and the radiation are given to the patient and reduced, again the symptom can be back within a few months or years. The doctor cannot guarantee you that it is completely cured and will come back again. Hence you should always be in a proper diet, treatment, and care to prevent it from coming back. Also maintaining the check-up dates is very important too. This supportive care is the main thing and it is compulsory to survive after treatment.

In some cases, doctors prefer to change all of the blood cells. This is the mode of treatment when cancer comes back again and a severe level of chemotherapy and radiation is given to the patient to destroy the cancer cells. Once the cells are destroyed, the healthy cells are injected to get back the healthy immune system of the body. These cells can either be collected from the patient or from any of the donors which match with you. So if cancer comes back again, there is no need to get disheartened. Besides, biological drugs can enhance the immune system. Once you get a highly active immune system, the chances of getting the cancer cells back are also reduced. Proper medication is important once you are done with all the chemotherapy and the radiation. Sometimes chemotherapy is combined with drugs to take action faster. They are much more applicable and also show the result faster too. Rarely a patient can observe severe infection or side effects, but common side effects like flu-like can be observed.

For the lymphoma, medication and treatments are not only enough. Supportive care like moderate physical activity, proper diet and consuming an adequate amount of vitamins is very important for the patients to follow. The patient should also know about all these aftercare needs and proper care should be taken to get a boost after the therapies.

Detection of cancer and proper diagnosis at the right time can surely save the life of the patient. Hence consult with the oncologists once you feel or notice any such symptoms or problems in the body.

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Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Treatment in India and its cost
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A non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient needs therapy treatment depending on the health condition and stage of cancer. Doctors of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treatment India concentrate more on supportive and palliative care so that a patient does not feel any nervousness. This treatment helps to recover the infections and also increases the number of necessary blood cells. For treating non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients, every medical team has a professional hematologist who is known mainly as medical oncologists. The primary duty of an oncologist is to treat lymphoma patients with some improved therapy treatment, such as targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. A specialist doctor is there in the team who are experienced enough for the transplant of the bone marrow of a patient. He or she also handles the transplantation of stem cells if needed in the treatment. For treating the patient with radiation therapy, a highly qualified radiation oncologist remains present in the team of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treatment India. Some specialists, including health professionals, nurses, and physician assistants, are there to give the best treatment to the patient.

The variable cost of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Treatment in India

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treatment Cost in India is approximately Rs 2.5 lakh. This treatment is valid for only six months and quite affordable also. This package also increases up to Rs 20 lakh if the patient needs some medicines and novel drugs. Based on therapy treatment, the Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treatment Cost in India is also varied. For the chemotherapy treatment in a single cycle, the overall cost is Rs 100000, and the price of six cycle treatment is Rs 600000. Radiation therapy treatment cost is Rs 125,000 for one cycle and Rs 250000 for two cycles. Chemotherapy treatment is enough if the patient is in the earlier stage of cancer. But, in the advanced stage, doctors always suggest transplantation treatment of bone marrow for the patient to cure as fast as possible. The latest treatments can go up to Rs 2700000 or USD 40,000.

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