Kidney Biopsy Cost in India

What is Kidney Biopsy? 

Kidney/Renal biopsy is a method of diagnosis.

It is a process in which a small piece of kidney tissue is taken out to examine under a microscope and it assists the doctor to diagnose the condition of a patient. 

It is often used to diagnose a suspected kidney disorder in patients.

It may be either used for diagnoses or to check the progress of treatment. 

It is one of the most important types of diagnostic method; when other methods fail to diagnose a condition, renal biopsy is required to give accurate results.

It can be done when there is blood or protein in the urine, acute or chronic renal disorder without any symptoms or cause, cancer and under the condition of nephrotic syndromes etc. 

The kidney biopsy cost ranges from around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000 in India.

The renal biopsy cost may vary in different countries that are explained further in the article. 





Advantages of Kidney Biopsy 

As mentioned above the kidney biopsy test is an essential diagnostic test.

There are many uses of kidney biopsy tests but apart from these uses, there are other benefits of kidney biopsy which make it an important test.

Some of the significant advantages of renal biopsy are: 

  1. It helps in determining the complication in the kidney. 
  2. It helps the doctor to line up the accurate treatment procedure for the condition. 
  3. It helps to elude wrong treatment, eventually avoiding unnecessary side effects or harm. 


Kidney Biopsy Cost

The kidney biopsy test cost range changes in different countries based on the value of their currency and healthcare facilities.

The cost for renal biopsy in some of the countries is given below in the table:


cost of kidney biopsy comparison in world


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Kidney biopsy Cost in India

As depicted in the table above, India is the cheapest country to get a kidney biopsy done from.

Some of the cities in India are cheaper as compared to others.

The table given below shows the kidney biopsy cost in different cities of India:


kidney biopsy cost comparison in india


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What are the factors that affect the renal biopsy cost?

The kidney biopsy cost varies depending on various factors, such as:


renal biopsy factors that affect its cost


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Apart from these some of the minor factors that affect the kidney biopsy test cost are: 


1. Patient’s overall health

The overall health of the patient may alter the kidney biopsy test cost.

Some of the existing conditions that can affect the cost are diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc.

The type of supplements and medicine a patient may take due to other conditions can hinder the biopsy test. 


2. Stage of cancer –

The stage of cancer fairly affects the cost of kidney biopsy tests as it increases the complications of the diagnosis.

The higher the stage of cancer, the more complications there will be. 


3. City of diagnosis –

As shown in the table above, some cities in India are more affordable for kidney biopsy tests than others.

Delhi is the best city to get a kidney biopsy done, as it is the most affordable city in India. 


The Preparation Before Kidney Biopsy

Even before starting the procedure of kidney biopsy, prior preparations are needed.

The surgeon will advise the patient whether to eat or not before the process.

The doctor will also let the patient know about the things to avoid such as smoking or taking any additional supplements one week before the biopsy.

Follow the instructions given by the doctor to avoid complications.


The Procedure of Kidney Biopsy 


kidney biopsy example


The kidney biopsy is done by putting the patient on anesthesia to make the process comfortable and painless for the patient.

Before beginning the procedure, an x-ray or CT scan is done to know the exact location of the tumor, and where the needle should be inserted.

After that, experienced doctors insert the needle into the patient’s body and take a small piece of kidney tissue and send the sample for further examination in the laboratory.  


The Post-procedure of Kidney Biopsy

After the procedure is done, the patient can go home immediately.

It is advised to not drive as the anesthesia takes around 2-4 hours to wear off.

A patient can recover completely in 1 or 2 days after the procedure of kidney biopsy.

The patient should avoid doing heavy exercise or lifting heavy weights after the procedure.

Consult the doctor before taking any medication for at least a week.  


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What are the Risks of Kidney Biopsy?

The kidney biopsy test is considered safe and helps to gather crucial information about the kidney of a patient.

This procedure is harmless but in some rare cases, some individuals may experience minor inconvenience after the process is done.

Some of the common risks and complications are listed below: 

  1. Minute blood clot or blood in the urine 
  2. Infrequent urination 
  3. Burning sensation during urination 
  4. Fever  
  5. Pain in the region of biopsy 
  6. Pus formation at the site of incision 
  7. Feeling dizzy or nauseous 
  8. Infection at the site of incision 

The complications are usually temporary but, in some individuals, these side effects may persist.

Immediately seek medical assistance if these symptoms do not go away. 


Final Words

The kidney biopsy test is a necessary diagnostic test to determine the disorder in the kidney.

It is quite safe and helps the doctor to get vital information for the and line up treatment for a patient.

The kidney biopsy cost is affordable and reasonable.  


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