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Radiation Therapy for Cancer


Radiation therapy is that type of cancer treatment which utilizes beams of intense energy in high doses to kill the cancer-causing cells by causing its shrinkage in the body. Radiations or Radiotherapy is normally used in low doses in the form of X-rays, although protons or other types of energy can also be used for the same.


Radiation therapy also known as radiotherapy causes damage to the cells by destroying the genetic material which controls the cell growth and division. During this treatment, both healthy as well as cancerous cells may get damaged. Hence, the main goal of this therapy is to destroy a lesser number of normal cells. Normal cells have the tendency to trigger the repair of the damage caused during radiation uptake.


What are the different types of radiation therapy in cancer?


There are two main types of radiation therapy prescribed in cancer which includes external beam and an internal beam.


The type mainly depends upon several factors like:


  • The type of cancer since this is the first thing to identify
  • The presence or location of cancer and its size in the body and which adjacent organs can be affected
  • Overall health, age, and medical history of the person



Why is there a need for radiation therapy for cancer?



This type of treatment is an effective method of treating several cancers and it helps in easing symptoms.


Radiations or Radiotherapy for  cancer helps not just in treating several types of cancer by slowing its growth and finally stopping its growth but also prevents relapse in the future.


Radiation therapy is also used in several cases to just ease the symptoms which are known as a palliative treatment therapy. External beam radiation shrinks the tumors and helps to relieve pain and other related symptoms like breathing problems, bladder, and bowel related problems, etc. The drugs used in this treatment also are known as radiopharmaceuticals help in treating cancer-related pain which has already spread to the bone and other regions.


How much is the cost of radiation therapy for cancer?

It is an expensive procedure though effective one. India has several equipped hospitals in different cities which provide effective as well as economic treatment for cancer of several types. Radiation therapy cost in India approximately ranges between Rs 30,000 to Rs 20,000,00 or US$500 to US$ 30,000. Although, an exact cost might only be calculated after a complete analysis of the cancer type.


It involves usage of high technology-based latest complex machines along with well-experienced staff and specialized doctors to handle all sorts of cancer cases.


The exact cost mainly depends upon the type of radiation involved and its frequency or number of cycles required to treat that particular cancer. Several types of financial assistance are offered by many hospitals and online portals and even insurance does cover a partial amount of the total amount involved in this procedure.



Every year a huge number of people get treated effectively with one of the modalities in this form of treatment for cancer. It is used for treating almost every type of cancer. Radiation therapy is effective in treating several non-cancerous or benign tumors also. Several people with different types of tumor receive radiattion for cancer as a main part of the whole treatment. Indian hospitals every year treat several international patients who come as medical tourists and gets treated for their cancer.


If you have been suggested to undergo radiotherapy in cancer treatment  then read further:


The suggestion of doctors and oncologists during radiation therapy

Radiation oncologists always suggest a cancer patient take radiation therapy. Patients, most of the time, worry when they hear about radiation therapy. Radiation therapy has certain dose limits in the entire lifetime. If a patient has already taken much radiation in one area, then next time, he or she will not be able to make this therapy further in the same area. The patient can take radiation treatment in some other areas. Radiation therapy has specific doses to use for curing cancer. This amount is thoroughly measured by a unit called grays. Depending on the stage and type of cancer, the group is given to a patient. In leukemia cancer treatment, a patient is treated with the gray unit of 20 to 40, and in severe condition, doctors increase the dose up to 60 to 80 gray units. Sometimes radiation therapy is easily combined with the surgery. At the time of surgery, doctors in the Radiation Therapy Center for Cancer uses this therapy to protect the unnecessary growth of the cell. By following strict guidelines, the medical team of Radiation Therapy for Cancer in India handles a high number of cancer patients every year. As per the specialized doctors of Radiation Therapy Center for Cancer, at the time of taking the treatment of radiation therapy, most of the patients do not feel any pain and discomfort. But, in rare cases in medical science, it is also observed that a small portion of cancer patients experience sudden sickness as a patient needs anesthesia for blocking his or her awareness. They sometimes feel weakness and nausea for this anesthesia treatment.


The estimated cost of radiation therapy in India

The cost of radiation therapy varies as per the medical condition and type of cancer. According to the various packages of radiation therapy, along with its side effects, the overall cost is determined. The Cost of Radiation Therapy for Cancer in India is from Rs 30,000 to 20 lakh. This price increases according to the number of radiation cycles. If a patient is required the dose of two-cycle radiation, it will cost of Rs 2,46,000 approximately. People often fear and worry after hearing the treatment of radiation therapy. Due to the technological advancement in the field of medical science, doctors can cure cancer patients with their ultimate effort and treatment. Patients are also getting much hope for receiving cancer treatment at the reasonable Cost of Radiation Therapy for Cancer in India.


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