Colon Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Colon cancer treatment involves surgery, biological therapy, and resection. Colon cancer treatment cost in India depends on several factors including pre and post-operative cost.

It is treatable and has a survival rate of around 90%. Hence, many people recover successfully even after getting diagnosed with colon cancer.

Continue reading to know about the cost of colon cancer treatments and their depending factors.


What is Colon Cancer?

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle and consumption of a higher amount of fast foods in our diet, the risk of colon cancer is increasing with the day.

According to the studies, it is the third most prevalent cancer which is taking up life in the human community.

But on getting it diagnosed on time, it can be adequately cured, and hence saving a life is possible.

Dealing with the symptoms, well, there are some of them which can raise the suspicion of colon cancer.

The very first thing that we realize is the obstruction as the cancer cells grow inside the colon.

It is much more felt if the polyps are at the traverse region or the descending part.

It makes you feel pressure inside the colon leading to the obstruction.


colon cancer


The patient can also suffer from the pain in abdomen with swelling too. You may also feel nausea and vomiting.

As cancer gets worse and steps into the advanced stage, bleeding may occur as the tumor grows.

The fecal movement is obstructed which is hidden by the stool. Many a time it is mistaken and often ignored too. With time, the tumor grows and starts invading the surrounding tissues too.

The bleeding can also cause anemia which causes iron deficiency in that person.

As the cells start invading it causes pain in the abdomen which increases with time.

Slowly affecting the urinary bladder, the urinary problem is dominantly seen in the patient.

Experts consider this stage as the advanced stage of colon cancer. In any case, if the malignant cells spread outside the colon, they start spreading through the blood and affect the lymphatic nodes too.

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Colon Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Colon cancer treatment cost in India depends basically on the stage of the disease, the type of hospital, and the suitable treatment.

Treatment may vary as per the spreading of the disease and the duration of the colon cancer treatment.

The colon cancer treatment cost in India ranges from Rs.1,50,000 to Rs. 3,50,000. There are several different ways to get treatment for colon cancer.

Many cancer specialist hospitals provide treatment options such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted drug therapy.

The doctor will decide which treatment should be opted for according to the severity of cancer and the overall health of the patient. 

The effectiveness of treatment is increased in the case of combination treatment strategies that enhance survival even in the last stages.

The whole procedure is designed to complete the removal of cancer cells, which may spread to other parts of the body.

So, all these therapies are designed in a systematic way like chemotherapy is done before surgery and radiation is done after surgery.


Cost of Various Colon Cancer Treatments

There are many ways to treat colon cancer. Some of the most common methods are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and many more.

The cost of colon cancer treatment in India changes with the types of treatment used.

The estimated cost of different ways of treatment are given below in the table:


colon cancer treatment cost


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Factors affecting the cost of treatment

The main factors that affect the cost of colon cancer treatment are listed below: 

  • Stage of cancer:

Typically, the cost of colon cancer treatment majorly depends on the stage of cancer.

The cost of treatment increases with respect to the stage of cancer. 


  • Treatment:

The method of treatment used to treat colon cancer is one of the huge factors that determine the cost of colon cancer treatment in India.

Usually, chemotherapy is cheaper than radiation therapy or surgery. Immunotherapy is way effective even though the price is also high enough.  


  • Place of treatment:

The hospital and the city in which a person gets the treatment for colon cancer largely affect the cost of treatment.

According to data, Delhi is the most affordable city for getting treatment for colon cancer in India. 


  • A number of sessions:

The number of sessions of chemotherapy or radiation therapy required to treat colon cancer completely in a person varies according to the stage of cancer and overall health of the person.

It eventually affects the cost of colon cancer treatment in India. 


  • Drugs used:

Different types of drugs/medicines are required to treat different types of cancer.

The cost of the drug also varies according to the salt used to treat specific cancer hence it affects the cost of cancer treatment.


Pre and Post Treatment Cost

The colon cancer treatment cost in India is consist of many things including the pre and post-treatment factors.

The pretreatment factors involve diagnostic tests and confirmatory tests, whereas the post-treatment costs are based on further tests to check the growth of cancer.

The cost pre and post-treatment factors are given below:


  • Pre-treatment Cost:


pre colon cancer treatment cost


  • Post–Treatment Cost:


post colon cancer treatment cost


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Colon cancer survival rate

The overall 5-years survival rate of colon cancer is significantly high.

There is a 92 percent chance that a person who got diagnosed with colon cancer at the first stage can survive up to 5 years.

The survival rate depends on many factors such as stage of cancer, treatment applied, or lifestyle.


colon cancer survival rate different stages


Why Cancer Rounds?

The Colorectal Cancer Treatment in India at Cancer Rounds fills in as a team comprising specialists experienced in various fields.

They all work together to plan the patient’s whole treatment plan while attempting to give the best outcomes. This unit is known as the multidisciplinary group.

In the wake of knowing the stage and kind of malignancy, expected results of the medications and prescriptions, age, and the casualty’s general inclinations and ailment, the specialist board settles on a smart and updated choice with respect to the line of treatment.

At Cancer Rounds, a 360-degree treatment approach is undertaken, which includes surgery- the top recommended, colostomy- the second option, Radiotherapy- another common treatment approach, and much more.


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Colorectal Cancer Treatment in India

There are several ways by which colorectal cancer can be treated. Majorly used type of treatment for colon cancer is surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

India provides the best treatment for colon cancer at a lower cost compared to other developed countries of the world. With cutting-edge technology and skilled surgeons, many people got their treatment for colorectal cancer in India.

People from across the world visit India to get their cancer treatment. Apart from that, the cost of colon cancer treatment is usually a fraction of the cost of the treatment in other advanced countries.

Cheaper treatment does not mean the quality of service is compromised, but India offers world-class treatment and care to every patient.

The cost of colon cancer treatment may vary a little depending on many factors such as adversity of cancer, the overall health of the patient, and the stage of cancer.

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Types of Colon Cancer Treatment

Colon cancer treatment can be varied which primarily depends on the stage of cancer.

Referring to any oncologist will give you an idea about the stage of your colon cancer and what kind of treatment you must undergo.


  • Colon Surgery

The general treatment procedure is colon surgery where cancer-affected parts of the colon are cut down and removed.

It is the most common one which is a much more opted one than any other process.

After the surgery of the affected part is done, the rest two ends are attached to the healthy cells.

In some cases along with the surgery, you need to have chemotherapy and physiotherapy too.

Besides the surgery option, the treatment for colon cancer can be categorized into three parts: Local excision involves simple colon surgery where doctors removed cancer-affected parts or the polyps inside the colon.

It is a very simple surgery and is mainly opted for when diagnosed in the early stages.


  • Resection and colostomy

Resection is the second option which is best when the polyps are of larger sizes.

Along with the affected tissues, some of the healthy tissues are also removed by doing open surgery.

Lymph nodes can also be removed for checking the rate of spread of the cancer cells inside the body.

After the removal, the two healthy ends of the colon are sewed again.

Resection and colostomy are other ways to get back a healthy life even after you get affected by colon cancer.

Along with these processes, radiation, and chemotherapy can be combined with them to get speed up the treatment procedure.

They are also quite helpful to kill diseased cells. But radiation and chemotherapy can have side effects which are very tough to handle.


  • Biological Therapy

Biological therapy is another great way which is also termed immunotherapy.

This works differently and uniquely to treat colon cancer. The body’s immune system is used to find out and destroy the cancerous cells in the colon.

Though it has been discovered very recently, it has gained a lot of popularity due to its outcomes.

The therapy is also useable for reactivating anti-cancer cells and also gains stimulation and enhances the function of the cells too.

Thus it not only helps to kill the cancer cells but also gains back the functionality too.

This immune therapy is an optional one and can also be done after surgery or other cancer treatment, along with radiation or chemotherapy. But before you are taking up such treatment, it is a must that you must consult with an expert or oncologist too.


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Preventive Measures for Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is that it is preventable. If you are having any hereditary tendency to get colon cancer, then a few basic steps can help you prevent it.


  • Always eat a healthy diet that is colon friendly a high fiber diet is what helps you to clean the colon clean and healthy. It also reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.
  • Consuming less or no alcohol can also help you prevent colon cancer too. Avoiding junk foods and unhealthy packed foods can be of great help. It is very important to stay physically active too.
  • Practice exercises, yoga, or aerobics which will help you balance the hormone secretion too.
  • Those who are less active secrets higher insulin which can affect the colon too. Antioxidants, folic acids, and vitamin B are great for the prevention of colon cancer too. So, get your focus on the supplements too in your diet. They are very much helpful and can present you with a healthy life for a longer period.
  • Those who are having a high tendency to get colon cancer should undergo check-ups every 10 years.
  • It is also suggested by those who are not having genetic risks. Also taking unnecessary medicines and drugs should be avoided.
  • A virtual colonoscopy can also be undergone if you are afraid of the colonoscopy.


So to prevent colon cancer, start a healthy lifestyle today. Follow the regimen and prevent colon cancer to affect your life and slowly taking you to the end of life.

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