Targeted Therapy Cost

In recent years, targeted therapy has emerged as a promising approach in the field of medicine, revolutionizing the way we treat various diseases, including cancer. 

This personalized form of treatment aims to identify and attack specific molecules or pathways that are responsible for the growth and survival of diseased cells, while sparing healthy ones. 

While targeted therapy holds great potential, it is crucial to examine the cost implications associated with this innovative approach. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of targeted therapy cost.


How much does targeted therapy cost?

Targeted therapy can cost in India around Rs.1,80,000 – 3,50,000 depends on different cities.

CityAverage Cost of Targeted Therapy 
DelhiINR 1,80,000 – 3,00,000
MumbaiINR 1,90,000 – 3,20,000
BangaloreINR 2,00,000 – 3,50,000
ChennaiINR 2,20,000 – 3,20,000
HyderabadINR 2,30,000 – 3,20,000
Kolkata INR 2,20,000 – 3,40,000
AhmedabadINR 2,10,000 – 3,10,000
PuneINR 2,10,000 – 3,00,000


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Where is it used?

Targeted therapy is used in the treatment of various types of cancer. It has shown effectiveness in cancers where specific molecular abnormalities or genetic mutations are present.

Some common types of cancer where targeted therapy is used include:



Factors Affecting Targeted Therapy Cost

Here’s the factors that affect the price of targeted therapy:


  • Drug Cost
  • Treatment Duration
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Hospital Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Doctor’s Fees
  • Additional Supportive Medications
  • Adverse Event Management and Monitoring
  • Patient’s Health Insurance Coverage
  • Geographical Location
  • Availability of Drugs
  • Research and Development Costs


The table provides a comprehensive overview of the key factors that contribute to the targeted therapy cost in India. 


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Pre & Pro treatment cost

Lastly, let’s provide a table comparing the pre- and post-treatment expenses associated with targeted therapy:

ExpensesPre-Treatment Post-Treatment
Diagnostic TestsINR 20,000 – 30,000INR 5,000 – 10,000
Targeted Therapy DrugsINR 1,50,000 – 2,50,000
Healthcare Facility ChargesINR 20,000 – 40,000
Healthcare Professional FeesINR 10,000 – 20,000
Supportive Medications and CareINR 10,000 – 20,000INR 5,000 – 10,000
Follow-up Visits and TestsINR 5,000 – 10,000INR 5,000 – 10,000
Total INR 35,000 – 60,000INR 1,90,000 – 3,40,000

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The table provides an estimate of the pre- and post-treatment expenses associated with targeted therapy.

These costs may vary based on individual circumstances and may include additional expenses not mentioned in the table.



Targeted therapy offers significant promise in cancer treatment, but its cost remains a vital consideration for patients. 

The targeted therapy cost in India is influenced by several factors, including drug cost, treatment duration, diagnostic tests, and geographical location.

Understanding these factors and their impact on the overall expenses can help patients make informed decisions regarding their treatment options. 

Additionally, it is crucial to account for pre- and post-treatment expenses to have a comprehensive understanding of the total financial implications associated with targeted therapy. 

Consulting with healthcare providers and discussing financial aspects can provide patients with greater clarity and enable them to plan for targeted therapy effectively.


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