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Are you in search of world-class healthcare services in India? Look no further than Fortis Hospital Gurgaon. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive into the mission and vision of the hospital, its state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, wide range of medical specialties, team of expert doctors and specialists, 

patient safety and care, as well as pre and post hospitalization services. Read on to discover why Fortis Hospital Gurgaon is the best choice for your healthcare needs.


Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurgaon.


Fortis Hospital Gurgaon, situated in the heart of Gurgaon, offers state-of-the-art medical facilities and services. The hospital is equipped with modern infrastructure, advanced medical technologies, and patient-friendly facilities that combine to provide world-class healthcare.

The hospital prides itself on its compassionate patient care and has an unwavering commitment to providing patients with the best possible care.

India is facing an outbreak of cancer. The numbers of cancer patients we see in India are rising dramatically. Around 10 lakh patients in India are estimated to be diagnosed with cancer annually. 


Most of them, sadly, are diagnosed at a late point. It is known over the last 10 years that the figures have practically doubled. In India, we know that there are many special aspects concerning the prevalence and spread of cancer.


The flagship of the globally renowned Fortis Healthcare Limited is Fortis Gurgaon. The Hospital promises to be Asia’s best healthcare facility that delivers the best cancer treatment in and around India. 


For any patient suffering from cancer or a possible cancer threat, finding the best cancer hospital is important. Not only can these hospitals provide cancer care with every procedure, but they also help patients detect cancer-related problems.


FMRI is a multi-specialty hospital operated by professionals from all sectors. Enviable foreign faculty, respected physicians who are mega experts and subspecialist in the area of oncology, radiology, and the new technology-supported expert nurses are included in the faculty.


The prevalence of cancer is between 30 and 69 years, and this seems to be our country’s largest burden compared with other developing countries, which exhibit these cancers in a comparatively older age demographic. 


Among the younger age demographic, including children and teenagers, we still see a very high rate of cancer. Around 1-2 percent of cancers in developing countries are in children, while 15 percent are in India. 


If cases may be diagnosed at a comparatively early stage it is important to save a substantial proportion of such patients.



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Why Choose FMRI?

  • Oncology today means total care that requires commitment, skill, and tremendous dedication to surgical and radiation oncology, and the Fortis Gurgaon community put together the best minds to provide the best in and around India. 


  • They address the current movement and its implications on medical care under one roof and the best minds in cancer. They reflect decades of specialized oncology practice and skills.


  • In the provision of high-end diagnostics in cancer treatment, radiology and imagery science are crucial components. In these critical parts, their continuing research and growth have made a huge positive impact on cancer prevention.


  • From pure screening instruments through interventional technologies, radiology has developed. New MRI, X-ray, and ultrasound comparing agents enable doctors to make more accurate diagnoses and preparations than ever for treatment.


  • Under one roof they will address the latest developments in this area and discuss their effect on clinical practice with the best minds in Cancer. They reflect decades of extensive oncological knowledge and skills.


  • The Fortis Oncology Team brings a wide variety of top-performing allied specialists along with the best minds in surgical, medical, and radiation oncology.


  • Tumor boards and clinicians specific to the organ – here the experience is almost as accurate as of the solution. Functional and organ experts make the procedure much more specific.


  • Fortis Gurgaon Cancer Center is one of the best oncology care in India and the largest network of oncologists which makes tremendous power against cancer. As the disease rate is growing up, a lot of these technological advancements are starting to be available in our country. 


  • They have very promising advances that have occurred in surgical oncology, minimalist surgeries, robotic surgery, precision oncology. In radiation oncology, the latest thrilling thing is high-precision radiation oncology. 


  • Even in the very distant future, we plan to set up our own proton center. It is potentially the first in Asia and will also be a great development in the field of oncology for radiation.

Different Types of Treatments in Fortis Hospital Gurgaon –


  • Radiation Therapy 


Radiation treatment or radiotherapy is the use of correctly measured high-energy radiation doses for treating body parts where cancer occurs. It’s normally painless therapy and external radiation therapy doesn’t radiate you.


  • Chemotherapy


The application of drugs to suppress fast-growing cancer cells is chemotherapy. Any chemotherapies can delay cancer cell proliferation and prevent it from spreading to other areas of the body. 


The radiation will help cancer to shrink until the procedure. It may also be used for the destruction of remaining cancer cells following surgery or radiation. Chemotherapy is performed by a team of oncologically-trained nurses, who have careful supervision, as an outpatient procedure in our specialist care areas.


  • Surgery


Surgery plays a vital role in most solid cancer management. While surgery on its own is suitable for early cancers, multi-modality care is required for more advanced tumors.


  • Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)


Blood or bone marrow transplant (BMT) is a major, proven treatment for malignant and non-malignant bone marrow disorders.  BMT is used for multiple myeloma, acute leukemias, lymphoma, and other patients.


  • Pain and Palliative Care


Cancer patients offer high-quality cancer therapy and outstanding palliative care services. Efforts are made to ensure that patients are well-relieved, well-managed in compliance with the latest international treatment standards. Its facilities, consultants, and strategies ensure optimal treatment and reduction of treatment sufferings.




The facility encourages patients to return home the same day. We also provide state-of-the-art facilities such as.

      Robotic Surgery for most cancers Minimum Access Surgery

      Radiotherapy trilogy, EdgeTM and Novalis Tx for radiation surgery

      Latest PET diagnostic scan precision


Visit CancerRounds website at or call the customer care number for the best cancer facilities in and around Gurgaon or any details and queries on cancer.


Teams and specialization 

With the most reputed doctor and specialist nurses and other medical staff, Fortis hospital, Gurgaon offers the best treatment in India. Advanced technology and innovative medical equipment such as Bi-Plane Cath Lab, ultra-modern Cardiac Cath Lab for cardiac and vascular interventions, CT-based Brain surgery wards, equipped with intraoperative CT for brain and spine surgery, radiation therapy machines and digital MRI technology.  


The Fortis hospital, Gurgaon is an enormous building with multiple facilities. The hospital is surrounded by a nature-friendly environment which makes the patient feel at home. The medical and non-medical staff offers great support to the patient throughout their journey of treatment. The Hospital is equipped with modern technology and world-class facilities to provide the best treatment available. Fortis hospital, Gurgaon is one of the best hospitals in terms of facilities and specialization. They also provide nutrient-rich food to patients and visitors. The international patients are provided with separate patient lounges and international cuisines to offer the topmost service. Fortis Gurgaon has around 300 beds with premium facilities.


Fortis hospital, Gurgaon offers multiple facilities including private rooms with comfortable beds and other requirements, health insurance coordination and several ways of payment availability, a diet plan based on requirements with international cuisine on the menu, a language interpreter and transport services as well



As FMRI, Gurgaon is one of the best Hospitals in India, it consists of many skilled medical professionals with years of experience. Some of the best doctors in the fortis hospital, Gurgaon are 


1. Dr. Rahul Bhargava –  


Dr. Rahul Bhargava is the principal director of the haematology and BMT department in FMRI, Gurgaon. He has performed more than a thousand bone marrow transplants in his entire medical career.

He not only participates in many government policies but also works with NGOs to offer treatment at the minimum cost possible. With his expertise in stem cell transplant and haematology, he secures a position in the list of top doctors in India.  


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2. Dr. Ankhur Bahl –

Dr. Bahl is a renowned medical oncologist with more than 15 years of experience in his field. He is a skilled doctor who have completed his graduation from India’s top medical college, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.

His expertise lies in treating malignancies such as Lymphoma, Leukemia, Multiple myeloma, Head, neck and brain tumors, lung cancer, breast cancer and many more. He has also contributed to the field of research by publishing many papers related to cancer and its treatment in domestic and international journals.

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3. Dr. Vikas Dua – 

Dr. Vikas Dua has been treating children for 10 years and has performed more than 200 pediatric bone marrow transplants.

He has performed surgeries in several complicated rare cases and cured millions of kids. He is renowned for his successful result in many surgeries which other doctors may not be able to perform.  


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4. Dr. Ashu Abhishek – 

Dr. Ashu is an experienced radiation oncologist who is currently working as a senior consultant and unit head of the radiation oncology department of Fortis hospital, Gurgaon. With around 16 years of experience, he has been serving cancer patients and treating them to live normal lives.

Dr. Ashu has completed many training programs in India as well as abroad. With his keen interest in academics, research, and other related activities, he has been involved in awareness activities aimed to live a healthy life.

His expertise includes treating lung cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, head & neck cancer and CNS related malignancies etc.  


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5. Dr. Rana Patir –  


Dr. Rana Patir is an eminent neurosurgeon in India. With more than 32 years of experience, he has been serving as the chairman of the neurosurgery department in the fortis hospital, Gurgaon.

He is an expert in minimally invasive brain surgery, skull surgery, spinal cord surgery and epilepsy surgery etc. He is one of the best neurosurgeons in India who also teaches at medical colleges like AIIMS and Sri Ganga Ram Hospital.  


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Infrastructure and Facilities

Modern Infrastructure

Fortis Hospital Gurgaon boasts a modern infrastructure that is designed to provide patients with world-class medical care. The hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment and technologies that enable doctors and specialists to diagnose and treat patients with precision and accuracy.


Advanced Medical Technologies

Fortis Hospital Gurgaon is equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies that are designed to provide patients with the best possible care. The hospital has advanced medical equipment such as MRI machines, CT scanners, PET scanners, and more, that are used to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions.


Patient-Friendly Facilities

Fortis Hospital Gurgaon provides patients with a comfortable and welcoming environment that is conducive to healing. The hospital has patient-friendly facilities such as private rooms, which ensure that patients have their privacy and can recover in a peaceful and quiet environment.

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As a top healthcare provider, Fortis Hospital Gurgaon understands that patients have questions about their medical care. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Who is the target audience for Fortis Hospital Gurgaon?

Fortis Hospital Gurgaon caters to patients and families seeking top-quality medical care and cutting-edge medical technology, medical tourism companies, medical associations, and healthcare professionals.


What types of medical insurance plans does Fortis Hospital Gurgaon accept?

Fortis Hospital Gurgaon accepts a wide range of medical insurance plans. Patients should check with the hospital to confirm if their insurance plan is accepted.


Can patients request a specific doctor to take care of them at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon?

Yes, patients can request a specific doctor to take care of them at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon. However, the availability of the doctor will depend on their schedule and workload.


What is the success rate of procedures, particularly for complex surgeries, at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon?

Fortis Hospital Gurgaon has a high success rate when it comes to procedures, particularly for complex surgeries. The hospital’s team of expert doctors and specialists use the latest medical technologies and treatments to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.



In conclusion, Fortis Hospital Gurgaon is a world-class healthcare provider that offers top-quality medical care and cutting-edge medical technology. Patients can trust that they will receive the best possible care and support at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon.

Whether it’s pre or post hospitalization care, patient safety and care, or a range of medical specialties, Fortis Hospital Gurgaon has everything needed to meet the healthcare needs of patients.

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