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Introduction – Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer, as the term suggests, is the type of cancer that affects prostate cells in the body. 

Although the actual cause of prostate cancer is unknown, some factors, such as radiation exposure, aging, obesity, inheritance, and race, may increase the risk of having it. 

Hesitant urination, an ongoing need to pass urine, excruciating ejaculations, dribbling, and the difficulty to maintain a steady urine stream are some of the symptoms.


prostate cancer treatment


Early-stage prostate cancer that is still contained to the prostate gland provides the greatest chances for recovery.

The overall success rate of prostate cancer is higher than other cancer types. 

This article majorly focuses on prostate cancer treatment cost in India. 

There are various methods for the treatment of prostate cancer which will also be introduced as we go further.


Types of prostate cancer –

There are several types of prostate cancer, which can be categorized based on their characteristics and how they appear under a microscope. The two main types of prostate cancer are:


  1. Adenocarcinoma: With more than 95% of cases, this is the most frequent kind of prostate cancer. Adenocarcinoma arises from the glandular cells of the prostate and typically grows slowly. It usually remains confined to the prostate gland in the early stages, but it can spread to other parts of the body over time if left untreated.


  1. Neuroendocrine tumors: Neuroendocrine tumors of the prostate are rare and more aggressive than adenocarcinomas. They develop from the neuroendocrine cells of the prostate and may not produce elevated levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), making them harder to detect. Neuroendocrine tumors tend to grow and spread more quickly, requiring different treatment approaches.


Which prostate cancer treatment is best?

The best treatment for prostate cancer depends on various factors, including the stage of the cancer, the aggressiveness of the tumor, the overall health of the patient, and their personal preferences.

Here are some commonly used treatments for prostate cancer:


  1. Surgery (Radical Prostatectomy): This involves the surgical removal of the entire prostate gland. It is typically performed for localized prostate cancer and may be done through open surgery or minimally invasive techniques such as laparoscopic or robotic-assisted surgery. Prostate cancer surgery cost in India around Rs.1,50,000 – 2,50,000.


  1. Radiation Therapy: This treatment uses high-energy rays to destroy cancer cells. External beam radiation therapy involves directing radiation beams at the prostate from outside the body. Brachytherapy involves implanting radioactive seeds directly into the prostate. Radiation therapy can be used as the primary treatment for localized cancer or as an adjuvant therapy after surgery. Average radiation therapy for prostate cancer cost in India is Rs.1,50,000 – 3,00,000.


  1. Active Surveillance: For low-risk prostate cancer that is slow-growing and localized, active surveillance or watchful waiting may be recommended. This involves regular monitoring of the cancer through PSA tests, digital rectal exams, and periodic biopsies. Treatment is deferred until there are signs of cancer progression.


  1. Hormone Therapy: Prostate cancer cells often rely on male hormones, particularly testosterone, for growth. Hormone therapy, also known as androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), aims to lower testosterone levels or block its effects on cancer cells. It can be achieved through medications or surgical removal of the testicles (orchidectomy). The average cost of hormone therapy for prostate cancer is Rs.1,00,00 – 3,00,000.


  1. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells or slow their growth. It may be recommended for advanced or metastatic prostate cancer that is not responsive to hormone therapy. Chemotherapy is typically used in combination with hormone therapy in these cases. The prostate cancer chemotherapy cost in India is Rs.1,00,000 – 2,50,000.


  1. Targeted Therapy: Targeted therapies are drugs that specifically target certain molecular abnormalities or pathways involved in cancer growth. They can be used in advanced prostate cancer that has spread beyond the prostate and is resistant to hormone therapy or chemotherapy.


Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost in India?

Prostate cancer treatment cost in India is starts from Rs.95,000. On an average the cost of prostate cancer treatment in India is Rs.4,00,000.

Here is the table showing average prostate cancer surgery cost in India.


CityCost of prostate cancer treatment (INR)
DelhiRs.95,000 – Rs.4,00,000 
MumbaiRs.1,05,000 – Rs.4,50,000
KolkataRs.1,10,000 – Rs.5,00,000
BangaloreRs.1,00,000 – Rs.5,50,000


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Cost of prostate cancer treatment in the world

The prostate cancer treatment can be done in many ways; hence the cost of each treatment varies. 

In the world, every country has different cost for the treatment of prostate cancer, as shown in the list below:


Cost of prostate cancer treatment in the world


India stands to be on the top of the list for providing the prostate cancer treatment at the lowest cost. 

Although the cost is less as compared to other countries does not mean the quality is sacrificed.


Factors affecting the cost of prostate cancer treatment

The total prostate cancer treatment cost in India includes many factors in addition to the main course of treatment. 

These factors can be different for different stages of prostate cancer, majorly including diagnostic tests, consultation fees, medicines, post-treatment check-up or for the stay of hospital etc. 

The following table contains all the variables that may affect the cost of prostate cancer treatment in India:


factors affecting prostate cancer treatment cost


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Why do people choose India for the treatment of prostate cancer?

India has been the third most visited country for medical treatment.

Thousands of people from around the world come to India for their cancer treatment. 

It is the latest technology in the hands of skilled doctors that make every surgery a successful work.

The following are the major reasons of why people choose India for their treatment: 


  • Cost of prostate cancer treatment in India:

  • As depicted above, India provides prostate cancer treatment at the lowest price.
  • It offers the same treatment and same quality of treatment at one-eighth of the amount needed for prostate cancer treatment in the USA.
  • The developed countries provide the identical treatment at higher cost.
  • Most people travel to India for the least amount of money used for the treatment of cancer. 


  • Better Hospital Facilities:

  • Hospital buildings are equipped with world’s best infrastructure that gives patients a comfortable environment.
  • The best cancer treatments are provided by all highly regarded cancer treatment (oncology) hospitals in India, as is patient care. In these facilities, the medical team consists of both skilled and knowledgeable doctors. 


  • Skilled doctors:

  • Oncologists are trained medical professionals with experience in treating cancer.
  • They can determine the stage of cancer and design a minimally invasive cancer treatment for a specific cancer type.
  • To guarantee that patients receive the proper dosage and high-quality care, they co – operate with the nursing staff. 


  • Latest approved drugs:

  • In India, all of the most recent cancer medications with FDA approval are easily accessible.
  • Cancer medications cost a patient a fortune in other developed nations but are far less expensive in India. 


How can cancer rounds help you?

  • The purpose of Cancer Rounds is to guarantee that the best medical decisions are made.

  • It helps cancer patients get the most effective care at a reasonable cost. 

  • It is a technology-driven online medical solution provider with the top cancer treatment centers in India. 

  • Simply submit your inquiry, and a member of our staff will get in touch with you within a day. 


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F A Q –

  • Can cancer be cured 100%?

While it is not possible to guarantee a 100% cure for any cancer, including prostate cancer, significant advancements in diagnosis and treatment have greatly improved the outcomes for patients.

The chances of a successful treatment and long-term survival depend on several factors, such as the stage and aggressiveness of the cancer, the response to treatment, and the individual’s overall health.


  • Success rate of prostate cancer treatment in India?

Prostate cancer treatment success rates are typically reported in terms of survival rates, such as the five-year survival rate or the ten-year survival rate.

Survival rates for prostate cancer in India are generally comparable to global standards. It is important to note that survival rates can vary depending on the stage of cancer at diagnosis and the effectiveness of treatment.

Prostate cancer has a very high success rate as compared to other types of cancer. According to the most recent data, when all stages of prostate cancer are considered, the 5-year relative survival rate is 99%. 

The relative 10-year survival rate is 98%. The relative survival rate at 15 years is 96%. This means that there is a high chance of survival after having prostate cancer treatment.


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