Multiple Myeloma Treatment

Everything you should know about Multiple Myeloma Treatment


Multiple Myeloma are mainly such blood disorder which involves impaired plasma cells. Normally plasma cells are considered an important part of the immune system and are found inside the bone marrow. But when the plasma cells grow out of control it leads to a disease known as multiple myeloma. It impairs the antibody formation capability of the found plasma cells and finally, the immune system gets affected as well. Besides the plasma cells, the immune system also comprises lymphocytes (white blood cells)- B cells, and T cells. During the time of infection, B cells react mature and transform into plasma cells to fight against the infection by making antibodies or immunoglobulins. Lymphocytes are mainly present in lymph nodes, bloodstream, bone marrow, and even intestine. All the cells together make up the immune system of the body and fight collectively against infections. In this artcile, you will learn everything about multiple myeloma treatment. 

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Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma


Multiple myeloma diagnosis is confirmed by a doctor after a series of tests after symptoms like- low blood counts, recurrent infections, kidney problems, frequent bone fractures, and calcium level issues. Sometimes symptoms do not show up in myeloma cases and it is known as smoldering multiple myeloma. It might not require immediate multiple myeloma treatment though regular monitoring and visits to a doctor are required in such cases. With the constant evaluation of plasma cell abnormality and immunoglobulins levels, a progression to active myeloma stage can be treated before it causes life long impairments.

During multiple myeloma treatment, the treating doctor understands the myeloma history and other details about the patient along with possible limitations of different applicable multiple myeloma treatment lines. Finally, an appropriate multiple myeloma treatment regimen is decided to obtain the deepest response over the myeloma cells. During multiple myeloma treatment palliative or supportive care approach must also be included to address the emotional, and physical needs of the patient and for a speedy recovery from after-effects of multiple myeloma treatment.

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Multiple Myeloma Treatment Types


Multiple myeloma treatment can be done in several ways since there are a variety of methods and drugs available. But a particular case might need a specific line of multiple myeloma treatment since every multiple myeloma treatment is not applicable in all cases of multiple myeloma. A specialized doctor is the best person to decide and take a call that which can be the best line of multiple myeloma treatment for a particular case.

Radiation therapy is a multiple myeloma treatment method opted often used to quickly shrink those myeloma cells and prevent their further growth. It utilizes the usage of high beam energy rays in the form of X-rays and protons to kill the myeloma cells. It is effective in multiple myeloma treatment if a case involves plasmacytoma or abnormal plasma cell formation which causes excruciating pain and damages the bone.

Chemotherapy is another effective method for multiple myeloma treatment. It involves usage of particular chemo drugs that kills rapidly growing cells of myeloma. Its route of administration can be intravenous or oral and a doctor can suggest the best as per the patient’s condition. This method is even opted as a pre-treatment before even starting the actual line of multiple myeloma treatment.

Another effective line of multiple myeloma treatment is using targeted therapy. It involves the usage of particular drugs in combination therapy to specifically focusing on cancer cell abnormalities and inhibiting their survival. Such therapy blocks the series of actions inside the myeloma cells and eventually cause them to die. It can also be administered via intravenous or oral route as per the doctor’s recommendation. In this therapy, a doctor can opt for different drug combinations especially if one combination stops working another combination can be tried for its effectiveness and better results.

Surgical Procedures
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Surgical Procedures in Multiple Myeloma


Surgery is not usually recommended by the doctors for multiple myeloma treatment as an option. However, surgical procedures might be required in some cases to receive or treat symptoms caused due to multiple myeloma. For example during multiple myeloma treatment, surgery can help in treating a bone disease mainly bone fractures or even plasmacytomas formation outside the bones due to myeloma. Even metal plates insertion might also be required while treating bone fractures. Surgical procedures do not directly support multiple myeloma treatment but can certainly help in treating their related symptoms or effects. An emergency surgery during multiple myeloma treatment can be required in a particular for fixing compression in the spinal cord and symptoms of extreme muscle weakness, numbness, etc. Such need of the hour surgeries during multiple myeloma treatment cannot be left undone but those can only treat symptoms and not the actual disease.


Biological Therapy
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Biological Therapy in Multiple Myeloma


Biological therapy involves the usage of particular drugs that helps the body’s immune system to fight against formed myeloma cells in the body. Biological therapy works as multiple myeloma treatment by enhancing the immune system cells by improving their identification and attacking capacity over the cancerous cells like of myeloma. These biological medications are available in the form of oral pills to help combat myeloma disease.



Preventive Measures
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Considerable preventive Measures in Myeloma


As per the dietary experts learning prospects are still ongoing to variably understand how to completely minimize the cancer risks. However, recent research studies have already proven a direct linkage amongst the food which a person eats and the risk of developing multiple myeloma. Since multiple myeloma is that form of cancer which develops in the immune system and ruins the entire body systems and even the bones get affected due to tumor formation in them. In general, a particular anti-cancer diet can help a person in preventing the risks of developing multiple myeloma. For the best anti-cancer diet a dietician can be consulted but consuming balanced meals of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, whole grains, red meat, fish, and dairy products can help a lot. A small portion of fruits and vegetables is a must for every meal, whole grains are best to opt instead of processed grains, preventing or minimizing alcohol consumption also helps.


Another aspect of food that connects with myeloma risks involves the quantity of food consumed daily. Multiple myeloma risks in itself become higher for the people who are obese or overweight so watching out the portion size is important on a daily basis. Further avoiding junk food on a routine basis can help with not just weight control but also in preventing multiple myeloma formation. So there is no thumb rule for eating healthy though your preferences can help a lot in being healthy and preventing diseases like multiple myeloma.


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